419. The Charlevoix – August 2, 2019 – Grosse Pointe Park, MI

August2019Charlevoix1 (2)August2019Charlevoix2 (3)August2019Charlevoix4 (3)You know that perfect summer’s evening where your look is on-point, the weather is bathwater-balmy,  and you’re wholly immersed in the present moment, which happens to be really freaking awesome? That was the kind of summer evening it was when I visited The Charlevoix – in no small part because the Grosse Pointe Park-based restaurant is really freaking awesome!

On that first Friday in August, I was cognizant of standing on the threshold of summer’s end, and I was all about squeezing out every little last juicy bit of it before its conclusion. It was opportune to be visiting The Charlevoix that evening for dinner and drinks with a friend, because the experience totally helped me maintain that seize-the-moment ethos.

Entering The Charlevoix, I immediately resonated with its interior’s industrial/contemporary look, its exposed ductwork, wood- and brick-paneled walls, potted plants, and orange stools providing pops of color. The place emits relaxed, welcoming vibes.

Food-wise, The Charlevoix is big on small plates. The Snacks section has a sophisticated take on pub-grub fare, featuring dishes such as Chilaquiles Rojo and Mini Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwiches. There are areas devoted to tacos and wings, plus po’ boy sandwiches in varieties such as Fried Tofu and Vietnamese Chicken Sausage.

When compiling my meal at The Charlevoix, I ordered from three out of four of those menu sections, opting for the Elotes, Carnitas taco, and Thai Style wings.

The Elotes was most decadent with its slathering of jalapeño mayonnaise coated with a generous portion of Cotija cheese, cilantro, and chili powder. It’s corn on the cob done right!

With its pillowy-soft corn tortilla and tender shredded pork garnished with tomatillo salsa, jalapeño conserva, and cilantro, the Carnitas taco was quite tasty.

And those Thai Style Wings: they married the complementary contrast of a crispy-skinned exterior and juicy, meaty interior. Tossed in a Thai vinaigrette, smoked mayonnaise, chili, cilantro, and mint, they brought a kaleidoscope of flavors.

As much as I dug the food I ate at The Charlevoix (and I did!), the drink I sipped there was my favorite part of the dining experience. The Hot Hot Heat cocktail I chose from the selection of signature drinks was AWESOME with its vibrant mix of jalapeno-flavored tequila, blood-orange liqueur, cilantro-infused simple syrup, Tajin seasoning, hot sauce, and lime. It was sweet and spicy and the kind of drink that goes down, real, REAL easy.

Service was great at The Charlevoix; our waitress was friendly and approachable and took good care of us.

The overall vibe of my visit to this restaurant was that it simply felt right to be there, enjoying the food, drink, and laid-back conviviality. I’m sure it feels this way to dine at The Charlevoix whether it’s January or June, and I especially appreciated it on that peak summer’s evening in early August.

14927 Charlevoix St.

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48215


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