Month: July 2022

561. Café 1923 – May 22, 2022 – Hamtramck, MI

Café 1923, a sweet escape!

I felt like I was traveling back into the ’90s when I visited this Hamtramck-based coffee shop. It’s got an analog vibe that I found totally appealing. Not that Café 1923 doesn’t have wifi if you need it! It totally does. But it’s housed in this charming old building with tin ceilings and a wooden coffee counter that looks legitimately old-fashioned (and not like it’s trying to be old-fashioned for hipsterism’s sake). There’s this whole other room behind the main coffee shop area, a study room, with mint-green chairs and lavender walls and shelves and shelves of old books, the tops of them crowded with knick-knacks. Walking into that room felt like walking into another time, one where internet and cell phones and the complexity of modern-day life didn’t exist (apparently, represented by the ’90s for me – probably because that’s when I was a kid). It soothed me, felt like a safe haven. I wanted to stay there for hours, writing in my journal and sipping on the delicious cappuccino the friendly barista made me. But alas, I only had an hour. It was an hour I savored and made the most of.

Perhaps the prices are also what made me feel like I was walking into another time. I can’t remember what I paid for Café 1923’s cappuccino, but I remember it feeling cheap relative to the prices at other coffee shops (which have started to feel exorbitant during this time of inflation). Here’s to coffee shops with laid-back, welcoming vibes and welcoming prices!

2287 Holbrook St.

Hamtramck, MI 48212

560. Clementine’s Pastries – May 6, 2022 – Mount Clemens, MI

Clementine’s Pastries, a beacon of sweet deliciousness, right in downtown Mount Clemens!

I first stepped into the adorable bakery on a rainy Friday morning, after a repeat visit to Black Cat Coffee (conveniently located next door). The interior was a cheerful sight to behold coming in from the rain. It reminded of a French café, with its mauve accent walls and little tables bedecked with vases of flowers.

I knew I couldn’t miss out on Clementine’s macarons! Every month, the bakery features select macaron varieties. During my visit in May, Snickers and cookie dough were two of the featured flavors, so I snatched one of each variety up. I also purchased a blueberry cream-cheese croissant, based on the recommendation of the staff member helping me.

All of these treats were SO good! I savored the blueberry croissant’s luscious cream cheese filling. And the macarons! They were delightful iterations of this classic confection, with their perfectly crisp-yet-pillowy meringue cookies sandwiching rich and creamy ganache. YUM and YUM!

Clementine’s offers so much more than cookies and croissants. Other featured goods include bundt cakes, cupcakes, cannolis, tarts, bear claws, cheesecakes, muffins, and even house-made dog bones. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. The next time you’re craving a sweet treat, look no further than this local gem!

57 Macomb Pl.

Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

559. Bronx Bar – April 30, 2022 – Detroit, MI

What’s better than springtime Saturday in the city? Springtime Saturday in the city capped off with a visit to the Bronx Bar!

Detroit is magical any time of year for me, precisely because it fosters magical establishments such as this longtime fixture in the Midtown/Cass Corridor neighborhood.

From the colorful stained-glass lamps hanging from its ceilings to the deer figurines flanking its tables, the Bronx Bar oozes old-fashioned charm. There’s a vintage jukebox (that holds CDs!) and a dolphin figurine inexplicably wearing a bra (because why not?). Roll-up doors open one wall to the outside, offering up fresh air and street-side people watching, and patio tables flank the exterior. Chalkboard menus advertise bar fare ranging from veggie-forward (a black-bean burger; a sandwich christened the Clean Veggie) to saturated-fat-infused decadence (fried bologna, cheese sticks, a ground-chuck cheeseburger). The bar stocked with bottles means everyone is bound to find a favorite drink.

If you’re looking for a little charm infusion, look no further than this effortlessly charming place!

4476 2nd Ave.

Detroit, MI 48201

558. The Bread & Yolk – April 27, 2022 – Lake Orion, MI

Given its name, it’s no surprise that The Bread & Yolk is all about breakfast. But I’m here to proclaim: it serves a delicious lunch, too!

Breakfast afficionados are sure to be pleased by this Lake Orion restaurant’s extensive selection of a.m.-centric foods: pancakes and skillets, French toast and waffles, omelettes and egg-forward combo platters. Choose from five different types of crepes (including the Nutella-filled Banana Hazelnut) and four different types of Eggs Benedict. Savor an acai bowl or a breakfast burrito.

But don’t sleep on The Bread & Yolk’s lunch menu! It’s got an enticing selection of sandwiches, burgers, and entrée salads, including the Harvest Chicken, a grilled chicken sandwich jazzed up with avocado, roasted vegetables, and provolone, and the Arugula & Chicken Salad with caramelized pecans, dried cherries, strawberries, and goat cheese.

Forever more of a lunch-foods person, I opted for The Bread & Yolk’s rendition of a Reuben during my April visit. Layers of tender corned beef, zesty sauerkraut, melty Swiss cheese, and rich Russian dressing nestled between buttery-crispy-on-the-outside, pillowy-soft-on-the-inside layers of marble rye bread, melding to make a sandwich that was oh-SO-good! A mound of crispy French fries accompanied the Reuben, ensuring a full belly and ample leftovers.

Whether you visit The Bread & Yolk for the breakfast or lunch aspect of brunch, here’s wishing you a full, satisfied stomach, as well!

3063 S. Baldwin Rd.

Lake Orion, MI 48359

(Open 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays)