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Detroit Charities to Help During the Coronavirus Crisis

October2018DetroitRiverWalk2 (3)Watching Detroit become one of the cities hit hardest by the coronavirus is a terrible thing. As if many of its citizens weren’t struggling enough in day-to-day life, now they have to contend with a deadly virus ripping through their neighborhoods. To call what they’re going through right now unfair is a vicious understatement.

It feels silly in the face of such suffering to feel like I can help – which is exactly why I’m writing this post: as a reminder to myself and to anyone who reads it that we can help, that our small actions can add up to make a difference. One kind act, one relatively small donation can snowball into a massive positive effect!

In the spirit of that can-do optimism, here are some Detroit-based (and Detroit adjacent) charities that could really use our help during this time. If you’re able to give any amount financially or to volunteer your services to any of them that are still accepting volunteers, I’m sure they would very much appreciate it!

COTS: This has long been one of my favorite local organizations to support. COTS offers temporary shelter and a plethora of other resources to those in need – from assistance obtaining housing and employment to financial education and access to job training.

Detroit Area Agency on Aging: The elderly are an especially vulnerable population at this time. Detroit Area Agency on Aging is helping them by delivering meals to senior citizens who are unable to leave their homes or prepare meals on their own via its Meals on Wheels program.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries: Another longtime favorite of mine, this charity provides food, shelter, and a variety of supportive programs, such as treatment for substance abuse and assistance upon exiting correctional facilities.

Forgotten Harvest: Procuring food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it to those in need is Forgotten Harvest’s mission. Now more than ever, they need financial help to deliver that food.

Turning Point: The Macomb County-based advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence is facing the virus head-on, continuing to offer beds at its shelter and services such as it 24/7 crisis line and Forensic Nurse Examiner Program. While it’s not based in Detroit or Wayne County, I felt compelled to feature it here because I have personal experience working with the women who run it and wanted to give a shout-out to their bravery, resilience, and do-gooder-ness.

United Way for Southeastern Michigan: The mainstay Metro-Detroit charity has established its COVID-19 Community Response Fund to help local aid organizations who are assisting the community in the midst of the pandemic.

102. Indulgence – January 31, 2015 – Royal Oak, MI


Class-ing it up at the event with friend Jaclyn

Winter is a good time for indulgence. It’s cold and it’s gray and there’s all that nasty white stuff about. You need to ease the misery sometimes and have a reason to get out of your jammies – and a little alcohol and sugar can definitely do the trick!

Indulgence, the annual event held this Saturday in the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market’s indoor facility, allowed guests to sample various wines and mixed drinks featuring specialty whiskeys, vodkas, and tequilas as well as delicious desserts made by local vendors (including cake-pop bites, mini sundaes, freshly-friend donuts, and mini maple-frosted cupcakes topped with bacon – definitely my favorite choice). A DJ spun out modern and ’90s-era tunes, and a photo-booth let you document your ridiculousness after 10 samples of shamrock shakes and spicy tequila hot-chocolate. But the best part was that the event benefitted local charities – so you could feel good about stuffing your mouth with chocolate-dipped strawberries and destroying the giant Jenga tower in your tipsy ineptitude (every time I was gonna go over and try my hand at it, another person had knocked it over!).

As fun as it was, I did definitely get a little sugar-overloaded from the whole shenanigans, which was a great reminder that overindulgence on a daily basis can be a very bad thing. All in moderation!

Held annually at the Royal Oak Farmers Market at:

211 S. Williams St.

Royal Oak, MI 48067