Month: September 2019

421. Drifter Coffee – August 6, 2019 – Ferndale, MI

August2019DrifterCoffee1 (2)August2019DrifterCoffee2 (2)My visit to Drifter Coffee inserted a little slice of tranquility into an otherwise busy day. I’d long been wanting to visit the Ferndale-based coffee shop, and I’m glad I finally did on a Tuesday afternoon in early August. I got to enjoy its warm hospitality, homey ambiance, and delicious coffee – not to mention, the mean chocolate-chip shortbread cookie it serves!

The shop gets its name from the business’ heritage of being a coffee purveyor on wheels. Drifter Coffee started out as a purely mobile establishment, selling its wares for four years from what it lovingly refers to on its website as its “coffee caboose,” a sweet vintage travel trailer.

The Ferndale-based shop opened earlier this year, in partnership with local coffee roaster Gooseneck Coffee Co., which has its roasting room on site. Yay for indie-business fusion! The coffee caboose still roves about town, vending Drifter Coffee’s goodies at sites such as Eastern Market and the Wayne State Farmers Market.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of encountering Drifter Coffee’s mobile storefront, I loved the vibes of its storefront planted in Ferndale, just down the road from Urbanrest Brewing.

It’s a beautiful space. The lower level is bright and airy and hosts the coffee counter and a seating area featuring a wall of windows and a plethora of potted plants. Outdoor seating is also available.

Upstairs is another seating area with a variety of places from which to perch: cushy couches and chairs, tables, and even a desk. This area is furnished more like someone’s home than a coffee shop; it’s cozy, with lots of books strewn about, more potted plants, and even a throw blanket nestled upon one of its couches. I loved kicking back in this upstairs seating area whilst savoring the richly-flavored iced coffee and tasty chocolate-chip shortbread cookie I’d ordered from the friendly baristas downstairs.

Indie coffee shops are my jam, and I’m always psyched to find a great one. Drifter Coffee is, most definitely, a great one!

770 Woodward Hts.

Ferndale, MI 48220

(Closed Mondays)


420. Modern Cone – August 2, 2019 – Saint Clair Shores, MI

August2019ModernCone1 (2)August2019ModernCone2 (3)Modern Cone is bringing the flavor to 100 Places in the D! The ice cream joint in Saint Clair Shores is all about decadent dessert concoctions, which I discovered during my visit there in early August.

Ice cream is not one of my usual culinary obsessions (cake and tacos and even salads are more likely to fill my food fantasies), but MAN! did I crave it this summer. Hilariously, it came to mind most after filling meals such as the one I enjoyed at The Charlevoix just prior to visiting Modern Cone. I guess on these occasions I wanted to keep the gastronomical fun going!

My friend who dined with me at The Charlevoix that night was on the same wavelength as me, suggesting ice cream just as I’d been dreaming about it. Thus, I was introduced to the glory of Modern Cone.

This is not your typical purveyor of frosty treats, my friends: Modern Cone is bringing opulence to ice cream! It offers signature sundaes (called Stackers, presumably because of their characteristic way of stacking alternating layers of ice cream and other ingredients) laden with sauces and toppings ranging from chocolate chips to cereal bits to mini marshmallows; cookie ice cream sandwiches; and the option to build your own Stacker creation.

All manner of ice cream varieties are sold at Modern Cone, from Blueberry Muffin Top to Carolina Peach to what might as well be declared the official state flavor: Michigan Pot Hole (described on the menu on Modern Cone’s website as “Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt”).

Customized ice cream cakes (with the ability to choose which ice cream is layered inside) are also offered by Modern Cone, as are “Nachos,” which allow patrons to choose which two types of ice cream, three toppings, and two sauces get piled onto “chips” made from waffle cone pieces (AMAZING!!!).

After browsing the ice creams in Modern Cone’s shop and perusing its colorful chalkboard menu, my choice was obvious to me: I HAD to go with the PB Overload Stacker sundae with its peanut-butter chips, pretzel bits, Reese’s peanut butter-cup pieces, and Nutella and peanut butter sauces paired with chocolate-peanut butter ice cream (because the chocolate-and-peanut-butter combo is pretty much my spirit animal).

The PB Overload Stacker did not disappoint. Its rich ice cream and ample layers of sauces and toppings melded together into a sundae of supreme deliciousness. PB Overload = dessert PERFECTION!

I’ve fondly recalled this visit to Modern Cone on numerous occasions over the month-and-a-half that has elapsed since, periodically pestering my friend over the prospect of a return trip. The visit personifies summer for me – but how lucky we are to be able to savor Modern Cone’s goodness regardless of the time of year!

28616 Harper Ave.

St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

419. The Charlevoix – August 2, 2019 – Grosse Pointe Park, MI

August2019Charlevoix1 (2)August2019Charlevoix2 (3)August2019Charlevoix4 (3)You know that perfect summer’s evening where your look is on-point, the weather is bathwater-balmy,  and you’re wholly immersed in the present moment, which happens to be really freaking awesome? That was the kind of summer evening it was when I visited The Charlevoix – in no small part because the Grosse Pointe Park-based restaurant is really freaking awesome!

On that first Friday in August, I was cognizant of standing on the threshold of summer’s end, and I was all about squeezing out every little last juicy bit of it before its conclusion. It was opportune to be visiting The Charlevoix that evening for dinner and drinks with a friend, because the experience totally helped me maintain that seize-the-moment ethos.

Entering The Charlevoix, I immediately resonated with its interior’s industrial/contemporary look, its exposed ductwork, wood- and brick-paneled walls, potted plants, and orange stools providing pops of color. The place emits relaxed, welcoming vibes.

Food-wise, The Charlevoix is big on small plates. The Snacks section has a sophisticated take on pub-grub fare, featuring dishes such as Chilaquiles Rojo and Mini Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwiches. There are areas devoted to tacos and wings, plus po’ boy sandwiches in varieties such as Fried Tofu and Vietnamese Chicken Sausage.

When compiling my meal at The Charlevoix, I ordered from three out of four of those menu sections, opting for the Elotes, Carnitas taco, and Thai Style wings.

The Elotes was most decadent with its slathering of jalapeño mayonnaise coated with a generous portion of Cotija cheese, cilantro, and chili powder. It’s corn on the cob done right!

With its pillowy-soft corn tortilla and tender shredded pork garnished with tomatillo salsa, jalapeño conserva, and cilantro, the Carnitas taco was quite tasty.

And those Thai Style Wings: they married the complementary contrast of a crispy-skinned exterior and juicy, meaty interior. Tossed in a Thai vinaigrette, smoked mayonnaise, chili, cilantro, and mint, they brought a kaleidoscope of flavors.

As much as I dug the food I ate at The Charlevoix (and I did!), the drink I sipped there was my favorite part of the dining experience. The Hot Hot Heat cocktail I chose from the selection of signature drinks was AWESOME with its vibrant mix of jalapeno-flavored tequila, blood-orange liqueur, cilantro-infused simple syrup, Tajin seasoning, hot sauce, and lime. It was sweet and spicy and the kind of drink that goes down, real, REAL easy.

Service was great at The Charlevoix; our waitress was friendly and approachable and took good care of us.

The overall vibe of my visit to this restaurant was that it simply felt right to be there, enjoying the food, drink, and laid-back conviviality. I’m sure it feels this way to dine at The Charlevoix whether it’s January or June, and I especially appreciated it on that peak summer’s evening in early August.

14927 Charlevoix St.

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48215

418. Fattoush Lebanese Grill – July 19, 2019 – Clinton Township, MI

July2019Fattoush1 (3)July2019Fattoush2 (3)July2019Fattoush3 (2)Two reasons to get excited about Fattoush Lebanese Grill of Clinton Township: 1) its FANTASTIC Mediterranean cuisine and 2) DEEP-FRIED OREOS!!!

I don’t think Lebanese restaurant when I think purveyor of deep-fried Oreos, but Fattoush has got ’em, and let me tell you, they are an EXQUISITE with their fried, cakey outer coating, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-and-cream center, ample drizzles of chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauces, and whipped cream, strawberry, and powdered-sugar garnishes.

I didn’t know about the deep-fried Oreos before visiting Fattoush – or need them to bring me in the door (though I’m certainly thrilled to have encountered them). Mediterranean food is my JAM! I love discovering another Mediterranean restaurant in the Metro-D to add to my mental rolodex. So when a friend suggested meeting for dinner at Fattoush on a Friday night in mid-July, I was game.

One reason my friend knew about and liked Fattoush was because it has a noteworthy vegan menu. The restaurant has meatless takes on traditional Lebanese dishes (chicken and beef shawarma wraps made with Beyond meat) and other popular fare (a burger, nachos, and quesadilla made with animal-free protein). She enjoyed the vegan chicken shawarma wrap with its hefty pieces of plant-based chicken, juicy pickles, and zesty garlic sauce.

The main portion of Fattoush’s menu is extensive, showcasing classic Lebanese favorites such as grape leaves, hummus, and kibbee, tabouli salad and crushed lentil soup, kabobs and ghallaba. The dessert section boasts decadent fare in addition to those deep-friend Oreos: fried cheesecake, baklava, and a molten chocolate cake, for instance. Fresh juice and fruit smoothies are also served.

I’m fairly obsessed with fattoush salads at this stage in my life (they’ve got everything you need: zing and crunch and deep-fried pita!), so it was a no-brainer for me to order a large one with grilled chicken as my entrée during this visit. And Fattoush’s iteration of its namesake dish was excellent with its ample portion of tender, perfectly-seasoned grilled chicken, crispy pita pieces, zesty dressing, and fresh mix of romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion. (Man, I’m so dearly craving that salad now!)

As a former server, there’s no way I could end this post on Fattoush without giving a shout-out to the wonderful waitress who took care of me and my friend there. She was prompt and friendly and incredibly welcoming.

This visit to Fattoush Lebanese Grill confirmed for me that the restaurant is not only for Mediterranean-food enthusiasts, it’s for food enthusiasts in general. With its ample vegan options, top-notch Lebanese cuisine, and ultra-luxe desserts (Deep-Fried Oreos 4L!!!), Fattoush offers something for everyone.

41170 Hayes Rd.

Clinton Twp., MI 48038

417. La Noria Bistro – July 13, 2019 – Detroit, MI

July2019LaNoriaBistro1 (2)July2019LaNoriaBistro2 (2)La Noria Bistro is gracing 100 Places in the D! If I didn’t know better, I’d say this Southwest Detroit-based restaurant was tailor-made for me, serving as it does my two favorite cuisines – Italian and Mexican – under one roof. But naturally, La Noria Bistro is serving up the cheesy, spicy, flavorful goodness to more than just my party of one. 😛

I visited La Noria Bistro on a Saturday night in mid-July. July up to that point had been cray-cray-ba-nay-nay for me, so I was thrilled to step away from the madness for a new-place visit.

As restaurants serving both Mexican and Italian food aren’t common to this area, it was funny to realize that La Noria Bistro is located next to the only other Detroit restaurant I’m aware of that features a similar menu mash-up: 100 Places in the D favorite El Barzon. It was also no surprise, then, to later discover that they are owned by the same chef.

As with El Barzon, when you walk into La Noria Bistro, you feel as if you are leaving the banal outside world behind and entering a place of enchantment. From its backlit bar with rows of gleaming bottles to its brick walls etched with archways to the royal purple linens enrobing each table, La Noria Bistro’s dining room exudes an elegance that feels as welcoming as it does sophisticated.

Mexican and Italian food hold equal footing on the menu. Calamari lives alongside Chorizo con Queso Fundido. Italian-prepared veal, pasta, and seafood dishes coexist with fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. There’s a section devoted to pizza – and another devoted to Mexican Sandwiches. SOOOO much goodness to choose from!

Would I go Italian or Mexican, Mexican or Italian during my visit? The glorious thing about dining at La Noria Bistro was that I didn’t have to choose one of the cuisines to the exclusion of the other  – I could choose BOTH! And choose both I did.

For my beverage, I went Italian, ordering a glass of red wine (though La Noria Bistro’s extensive list of signature cocktails is deeply intriguing me as I peruse it during the writing of this post). My appetizer, the tasty complimentary chips and salsa brought to the table, was Mexican by default – but I also went the Mexican route with my entrée, the Enchiladas Rojas. For dessert, you KNOW I had to order some of that Italian tiramisu!

The Enchiladas Rojas were exquisite! I opted for my dish to include cheese enchiladas as well as chicken-stuffed ones; both were richly flavorful and well complemented by a perfectly-spiced red sauce, shredded cheese, sliced avocado, and sour cream drizzle. They were accompanied by seasoned rice and black beans.

The tiramisu was exceptional, too. It represented the Italian side of La Noria Bistro’s menu well with its layers of mascarpone cream and ladyfinger cookies well-soaked in rum flavoring.

Service at La Noria Bistro was excellent; our female server was friendly, prompt, and professional.

So while I know La Noria Bistro was not custom-made for me, my visit there certainly made it feel like it was, embodying as it did the ethos that I adore in a dining experience: top-notch food, service, and ambiance served up in a way that makes the meal – and you, as the guest – feel special. PLUS, Mexican food and Italian food comingling on one menu: does it get any better than that???

5517 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48210

416. POST – June 30, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019Post1 (2)June2019Post2 (2)Here’s a post I’m especially excited about: my post on POST! Yes, I’m totally being punny here, but truly, this place is AH-MAZING!

Housed in a former U.S. Post Office building on the East Side of Detroit, POST is a retail space selling handmade goods made by independently-owned companies and individual artisans – about 100 in total, according to its website. The shop is owned by Mutual Adoration, a local woodworking business that makes custom furniture and other goodies constructed from reclaimed wood.

Approaching POST on a sunny Sunday afternoon in late June, I dug its red-and-white façade, which maintains old-timey post-office vibes.

I got especially excited when I entered POST’s interior, because WOW! does this place have a lot of beautiful pieces for sale! There are picture frames and pottery and wall art and candles, greeting cards and scented soap and artfully arranged bouquets . . . POST is a haven for handcrafted delights.

It’s also a haven for makers to practice the hand-crafting themselves – because POST is not simply a store; it’s also a workshop space. Every month, it hosts a plethora of classes on topics such as screen printing, jewelry making, weaving, and floral arrangement.

I find scrolling through POST’s online schedule of classes addictively inspiring – I want to try ALL the things!

But the thing I decided I wanted to try most this summer was a woodworking class where we made wall art from scraps of reclaimed wood that we painted and stained and arranged inside a frame. That was the main reason I was visiting POST on this Sunday afternoon.

The class was a blast. It lasted about four hours and was taught by the owners of Mutual Adoration, Clare and Wayne. They were really kind, patient instructors. Moreover, they served a lovely spread of snacks: fruit and hummus and chips and cake – plus wine that could be enjoyed after the use of the heavy machinery.

There were about 12 of us class participants sifting through piles of reclaimed wood of different sizes and varieties, then painting and staining and cutting and arranging and gluing and trimming and nailing . . .. We got to use power tools such as a mechanized saw and a nail gun to aid in the making, and we got to enjoy the company of each other, us like-minded souls who find crafting to be the cat’s pajamas.

I left POST on that afternoon with a singular piece of wall art made from scraps of walnut and other striking wood, some painted purple or orange or sage-green or maroon, others stained to a deeper patina or left exactly as I’d found them. The piece hangs on a wall in my home office, a reminder of the thrill of creating that I channeled during the workshop. Thank you, POST, for cultivating this space that champions creativity and indie entrepreneurs!

Worth noting: POST is closed Sundays through Tuesdays, except to participants of classes being held on those days; workshop attendees are offered the ability to browse and make purchases pre- and post-session.

14500 Kercheval Ave.

Detroit, MI 48215

415. The Skip – June 29, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019TheSkip1 (2)June2019TheSkip2 (2)In the Summer 2019 awards gala being staged in my head right now, The Skip, hands-down, wins the prize for Tastiest Cocktail Concoction.

I became acquainted with The Skip during a superhero-themed bike bar crawl I went on with friends in late June. After stops at Eastern Market-based Cøllect and 100 Places in the D forever-favorite Motor City Brewing Works, we cycled over to the bar located in The Belt, the alleyway in downtown Detroit featuring vibrant artwork and awesome locally-owned businesses.

The Skip is small, but it’s mighty when it comes to offering up ambiance; it’s got trippy-meets-tropical vibes with its disco ball, multi-hued lighting, tropical wallpaper, and faux-flower garlands. On the night of my visit, The Skip was open-air, its roll-up front pulled up to expose it to The Belt and the crowds weaving through it.

When I went to order a drink at The Skip, the bartender who served me recommended that magical drink that would become my Tastiest Cocktail Concoction of Summer 2019: the Irish Coffee.

The Skip’s Irish Coffee is not your typical Irish Coffee; it’s an exquisite version of the classic drink. It’s made with Old Forester Whiskey, a cold-brew-coffee concentrate, cream, and sugar – and then it’s frozen. The result is a boozy-milkshake-esque, ultra-delectable treat that will lovingly haunt your taste buds for months to follow.

Naturally, The Skip offers other alcoholic beverages besides this swoon-worthy Irish Coffee; it has a full bar serving up signature cocktails (labeled “Fancy Drinks” on its menu), a few other frozen drinks, wine, and craft beer. It’s also got a food menu showcasing tacos and several other dishes that sound just perfect for calming cocktail-imbued munchies, including a chicken empanada with a coconut-chili gravy and a hot dog made of Wagyu beef topped with cilantro, hot sauce, pickled shallots, and mustard.

Despite its island theme and complementary nature toward the warm-weather months, The Skip is open year-round, doing the good work of proffering that nectar-of-the-gods-worthy Irish Coffee to downtown revelers.

1234 Library St.

Detroit, MI 48226

414. Cøllect – June 29, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019Collect1 (2)June2019Collect2 (2)During the last weekend in June, I went on a blast of a superhero-themed bike bar crawl (nothing like cycling with a posse of Power Rangers!). Cøllect was our first stop on that jaunt.

We started on our bikes at Cullen Plaza, riding the Dequindre Cut to the Eastern Market area and the bar, which resides above its sister restaurant, Gather.

Cøllect’s focus is craft beers, many of which are locally made. It’s got 14 beers on tap, plus bottled and canned varieties. It also offers cider, mead, kombucha, and red and white wines for those who aren’t into the ales and lagers, according to its website – and if those options still don’t suffice, you can bring cocktails from Gather up to Cøllect (nice!). Gather’s food menu is also available to order at Cøllect.

During my group’s visit, we ordered drinks at the bar and took them up to Cøllect’s rooftop patio, which offers picturesque views of the city. The beer I enjoyed there was delicious, a chocolatey stout, though I can’t recall its name or who made it. I do recall that the bartender on duty at Cøllect was cool about answering my questions and offering samples.

Other rad aspects of Cøllect: it serves free popcorn (LOVE!). And while food isn’t allowed on the rooftop patio, if you do want to munch on that free popcorn or Gather’s grub, the good news is that Cøllect’s main interior is a beautiful space, bright and airy with its white walls, blonde plank floors, and smatterings of potted plants and vases of flowers. Not bad digs from which to savor one of those well-curated brews!

1454 Gratiot Ave., 2nd Fl.

Detroit, MI 48207

(Closed Mondays)

413. The Marble Bar – June 6, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019MarbleBar1 (2)June2019MarbleBar2 (2)June2019MarbleBar3 (4)My Summer-2019-in-New-Place-Visit-Snapshots reverie continues with The Marble Bar in Detroit, where I experienced a StorySLAM event held by The Moth.

It’s hard for me to write about my experience at The Marble Bar without focusing on this StorySLAM event that I was there to see. The bar is the host of these monthly open-mics held by The Moth Detroit, during which audience members go onstage and tell a five-minute story based around a given theme. Judges in the audience rate each of the ten StorySLAM competitors’ stories, and a winner is crowned at the end. The event is recorded by Detroit’s NPR affiliate, WDET 101.9 FM, for possible use in the radio station’s The Moth show/podcast.

The theme on the night I attended the StorySLAM in June was chemistry. This translated to yarns being spun about all kinds of chemistry: romantic chemistry; the academic subject of chemistry; the evolving chemistry of a parent-child bond; the chemistry one feels with one’s hometown.

All of the stories were engaging. Some were emotional; others were hilarious. I marveled at how comfortable all of the storytellers seemed speaking in front of an audience, especially since The Moth organizers had had to cajole the last few participants into putting their hats into the ring so that there would be the required ten contestants.

The winner of the StorySLAM was a man who told a hilarious story about meeting a guy in college who he had instant bromance chemistry with, only to find out months later while visiting a relative that this guy was his cousin!

I had a lot of fun on this night at The Marble Bar, but I experienced it as more of a theater than a bar, with the dance floor overtaken with rows of seats rather than rowdy revelers waiting for the beat to drop. I’m guessing playing host to The Moth on a monthly basis is working for The Marble Bar, because the place was packed, with not a few attendees (including myself and the friend who accompanied me) having to resort to standing-room-only spots. But I can’t speak to what it’s like on a typical night.

I do see from looking at The Marble Bar’s Facebook page that it appears to host a lot of DJs and other musicians, and I know it’s got a super-cool enclosed patio space with an outdoor bar, so I imagine that it’d be an awesome hang on any other night of the month.

But if you can make it to one of The Moth’s monthly StorySLAM competitions hosted at The Marble Bar, I would highly recommend it. Tickets are $15 and go on sale one week prior to the event; see for upcoming StorySLAM dates being held at The Marble Bar.

1501 Holden St.

Detroit, MI 48208

(Closed Tuesdays)

412. Pie-Sci Pizza – June 6, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019PieSci1 (3)June2019PieSci2 (3)Pie-Sci Pizza!!! Thank you for making such damn good pizza – and for making my summer that much sweeter to recall!

As I continue to catch up on posting here on 100 Places in the D after an unplanned 5.5-month hiatus (procrastination is an insidious devil), I’ve arrived at my summer-season visits – just as summer has ended.

At first I found this fact depressing, but I soon reframed it: through my blogging for 100 Places in the D, I get to relive a bunch of awesome Summer 2019 moments  – such as my trip to Pie-Sci!

I visited the pizza shop in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit on a Thursday night in early June. (BTW, Woodbridge has been added to my growing list of Detroit neighborhoods I can see myself living in. Every time I’ve visited that area, I’ve gotten good vibes!)

The restaurant’s interior may be small, but it’s serving up some BIG flavor. Pie-Sci’s signature pizzas incorporate some delectably creative topping combos.

Take the pizza I ordered during my visit: the Pear Necessities, a pie with bacon, spinach, sliced pear, feta, mozzarella, and a honey drizzle. This is not your typical pizza-topping orchestration, but MAN! it was phenomenal! The toppings melded together perfectly to form this well-balanced, richly flavored, totally tasty pie. Pie-Sci’s Pear Necessities pizza was, hands-down, one of the best dishes I consumed all summer.

Alas, the Pear Necessities pizza is not on Pie-Sci’s current menu featured on its website. However, the pizza ordered by my friend who accompanied me on this visit, the BLT, is – and let me tell you, that bad-boy was pretty damn delicious, too (she let me try a piece of it).

A pizza topped with lettuce and mayo would not typically be my scene. But that BLT pizza crafted by Pie-Sci’s hands is topped with mixed greens that are fresh, not wilted, and a mayonnaise that is herb-infused – plus crispy bacon, meaty tomato, palate-pleasing mozzarella, a garlic oil drizzle. . . all manner of YUMness!

Pie-Sci’s current menu boasts a multitude of such YUMified pizzas. It’s separated into sections that play off of the restaurant’s chemistry-related branding. For instance, “Basics” – a.k.a. “Pizza Elementary” – is the area denoted to more classic pie varietals such as the Margherita and Meatlovers, while the “Graduate”/”U of Pizza” section contains such intriguing inventions as the Cashew Rules Everything Around Me pie, which is described on the menu as being a vessel for “vegan cashew cheese, mushroom, balsamic braised leek and citrus marinated kale with a raspberry emulsion drizzle” (a grad-level culinary concoction, indeed!).

Each of Pie-Sci’s signature pies is marked with symbols denoting it “meaty,” vegetarian, or vegan (with many pizzas holding the possibility to be vegetarian or vegan per modifications, if they aren’t inherently); gluten-free crust is available for large-sized selections. Additionally, there’s the option to construct your own pie from an assortment of toppings as well as to opt in on a “drizzle addition” of a sauce such as herb-infused vegan mayo, buttermilk ranch, or Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce [cue my mouth watering for the umpteenth time during the writing of this post].

The fun on Pie-Sci’s menu doesn’t end there: it also offers artisanal vegan, gluten-free ice-cream sandwiches for dessert, plus pizzas integrating breakfast-inspired toppings on its Sunday brunch menu.

Reliving my visit to Pie-Sci has been almost as dreamy as the actual visit – almost. I mean, I’m leaving the writing of this post with no Pie-Sci pizza in my belly, so . . . it’s certainly not as visceral as the actual experience of gorging on one of its out-of-this-world pies. I guess I’d better get myself down to Woodbridge, stat!

5163 Trumbull Ave.

Detroit, MI 48208