149. Saffron – October 18, 2015 – Royal Oak, MI


20151018_161840I’m on a Royal Oak kick lately. What can I say, it’s a lovely town! Even after all of these years, there are still a bunch of places there that I haven’t visited – partially due to businesses closing all of the time there lately and new ones opening up in their places (what’s the deal with that, Royal Oak?). I’m not sure how long Saffron has existed in this storefront, but when I stumbled upon it as I was strolling around one leisurely Sunday afternoon, I was immediately excited. This shop is my jam! This shop is like the best part of my brain threw up in it and the throw-up materialized into clothes! Ok, that’s sort of a gross analogy, but it feels true to me. What I’m saying is, the delightfully hippie, free-spirit clothing and accessories Saffron offers quite resonate with my heart.

308 W. 4th St.

Royal Oak, MI 48067

96. TranquiliTea – January 2, 2015 – Plymouth, MI

20150102_135327 (1)

My initial interest in tea was as a way to warm up in the frigid office climes I’ve been subjected to work in (for the love of God, turn the air conditioner down!). But then I discovered rooibos tea and mutan white tea and peppermint tea and loose tea and all of the amazing flavors that are available – and I fell in love.

TranquilitiTea is definitely one of those shops a tea drinker could get overwhelmed in – so many choices available, with over 140 loose-tea blends for sale there, according to its website. They’ve got an online shop, too, but the experience is so much more fun in person (since you can’t sample-sniff .jpegs).

My eventual choices? Cherry Splendor Rooibos and Organic Peppermint.

904 W. Ann Arbor Trail

Plymouth, MI 48170

69. Urban Pearl – October 6, 2016 – Northville, MI


This is a super-cute shop featuring the work of Michigan artists – hand-crafted greeting cards, candles, t-shirts, beautiful pottery ware, Detroit-themed artwork, and more. I took pictures, but then the owner told me pictures aren’t allowed; the artists are worried about people taking them with the intent of copying their work. So I can show you a picture of the lovely four-pack of Michigan-themed notecards that I got, instead.

120 E. Main St.
Northville, MI