Month: March 2022

546. Momento Gelato & Coffee – January 30, 2022 – Detroit, MI

As if I needed another reason to love Corktown, here comes Momento Gelato & Coffee, really making me swoon!

The coffee house plus gelato joint resides on Trumbull Street, just a stone’s throw from 100 Places in the D favorite Ottava Via. And it’s not to be missed; its gelato is exceptional.

You’d think a frigid January’s morn wouldn’t lend itself well to gelato eating. But I’m here to attest that any day of the year is the perfect one to consume Momento’s gelato. I got a scoop each of its butter pecan and pistachio flavors, and WOW! They were so rich and creamy and flat-out wonderful. Gelato flavors featured throughout the year, according to Momento’s website, include Michigan Fresh Peach (a seasonal offering), Salted Caramel, and Italian Hazelnut Honey (a WOW-worthy flavor if there ever was one!). The Michigan-based business also makes several fruit sorbets.

And then there’s the caffeinated aspect of the menu. Momento offers espresso-, coffee-, and tea-based beverages (which include decaffeinated options). And you know there’s an affogato (espresso and vanilla gelato)! I sampled this portion of the menu via Momento’s cappuccino, which was the ideal rich-and-tasty treat to take with me on a brief stroll about Corktown, being as it was warming (I ate the not-so-warming gelato later in the car).

If you’re looking to make an ice cream, coffee, and meal run all in one, Momento’s got you! Its menu includes soup, pastries, a caprese salad, and several types of paninis. A lunch special combines all the goodies: a drip coffee, cup of soup, panini, and a small gelato. Now my heart is REALLY going pitter-patter for Momento Gelato & Coffee!

2120 Trumbull St.

Detroit, MI 48216

545. Rochester Bistro – January 21, 2022 – Rochester, MI

Cozy up to the bar rail of Rochester Bistro – you won’t be disappointed! The restaurant based in downtown Rochester is serving up delicious food and drink – not to mention ambiance (à la the delightfully moody scene shown above).

During my January visit, I savored an excellently prepared filet with a red wine sauce, plus a glass of pinot noir. Red wine and red meat on a Friday night? Perfection!

Maybe red wine and red meat aren’t your thing – and that’s OK. Rochester Bistro features a full bar, plus entrée offerings such as Chicken Limon, Roasted Salmon with Artichokes, and Rigatoni Pasta with Braised Lamb Sugo and Pecorino.

227 S. Main St.

Rochester, MI 48307