38. El Guanaco – July 23, 2014 – Troy, MI



The pupusa combo lunch!

After taking all this time to prepare a delicious lunch, I forgot to bring it to work on this day. I was so bummed. But then I decided I should reframe this as a golden opportunity to try a new restaurant in the area. I checked out Yelp, which has quickly become one of my favorite sites since starting this 100 Places project, and stumbled upon El Guanaco, which serves Mexican and Salvadorian dishes.

I don’t believe I’d ever before considered Salvadorian food, and I love trying different ethnic cuisines, so this intrigued me – especially when I saw all these Yelp users raving about the pupusas, which I gathered were made out of corn flour and had stuffing in the middle. I decided to get a lunch special that had two pupusas, rice and beans, and a spicy slaw for $5.99, as well as a chicken Salvadorian tamale. The whole meal ended up costing a little over eight dollars, and it was a lot more food than I had expected.

The pupusas were especially amazing. You can get two fillings in them here, and I chose ground pork and cheese. They were these piping hot, corn-pancake-type things with this delicious meaty-cheesy filling in the middle. They were awesome! I was really glad that I had forgotten my lunch – and discovered Salvadorian food – after eating this delicious feast from El Guanaco.

1710 Livernois Rd.
Troy, MI 48083

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