Year Seven Review

100 Places in the D’s Top Five Places Visited in Blog Year Seven!

Drinks at Mutiny Tiki Bar (Visit #466)

It’s time for a 100 Places in the D highlight post!

Today I’ll be showcasing my top five visits of Blog Year Seven (which ran from February 8, 2020 to February 7, 2021). I usually do a top-ten post at the end of every blogging year. Because the total number of places I visited in Blog Year Seven (36) was half of what it typically is, I’m going with an abbreviated list. Part of me wants to showcase more of the gems I visited – but I’ll hold back and let these five really shine!

Mexicantown Bakery (#470)

Mutiny Tiki Bar (#466, Detroit): I fortuitously visited Mutiny a month before the pandemic hit – and wow, was it a good time! Good vibes, good people, and probably the best drink I’ve ever had in the form of its Banana Bread Shot. As I wrote of it in this post, “It truly tastes like the most luxurious banana bread you’ve ever eaten and is so, so YUMMMM.”

Mexicantown Bakery (#470, Detroit): That coffee-flavored tres leches cake . . . my heart still thrills at the thought of it!

E&L Supermercado (#471, Detroit): Not only does this grocery store sells a plethora of fresh produce and Mexican grocery goods, it also makes a KILLER Salsa a la Diabla that I still can’t stop thinking about.

Zo’s Good Burger (Visit #480)

Chickpea Kitchen (#475, Sterling Heights): This was one my early pandemic carryout jaunts, and I’m still impressed with it. Chickpea Kitchen was holding it down on so many levels, from their sparkling-clean interior and on-point COVID protocol to their phenomenal food (that fattoush salad! That build-your-own rice bowl packed with steak, veggies, and flavor!).

Zo’s Good Burger (#480, Detroit): The mac-‘n’-cheese bites sealed the deal. As I wrote after my visit to this halal burger joint, “How did hamburgers even exist before the mac-‘n’-cheese-bites add-on? The crispy-battered, creamy, and cheesy nuggets deliciously enhanced the juicy burger. They melded with the mustard, the Good Burger sauce, the pickles, and all the other ingredients I’d chosen to make one SPECTACULAR burger.” Just like that, Zo’s is one spectacular pick!

100 Places in the D’s Year Seven Review!

Brooklyn Street Local (#489), a Blog Year Seven visit.

It’s time for 100 Places in the D’s Year Seven Review!

Every year, I commemorate the inception of 100 Places in the D (which occurred on February 8, 2014), by recapping the last blogging year and its highlights – including whether or not I accomplished the goals I set at the beginning of the year. I then set goals for the next blogging year. Given that it’s July, this post is quite tardy! But I’m embracing that old adage of “better late than never” and going for it anyway. 🙂

I set ambitious goals for Blog Year Seven:

-Blog consistently throughout the year.

-Hit the milestone of Visit #500.

-Visit 36 new places in the city of Detroit alone.

-Visit at least 20 of the places that have been lingering on my to-do list for years.

I only achieved one of these goals: the milestone 500th visit (to the very delicious Pho LineUp)! Needless to say, COVID threw everything for a loop in terms of the volume-based goals. I only visited 36 new places total in Blog Year Seven – and they weren’t all in Detroit (10 were).

About that pandemic . . .. COVID didn’t disrupt my life in the terrible ways that it disrupted so many others. I didn’t lose any loved ones to the virus, and I maintained my job, which allows me to work from home. My gratitude for how good I’ve had it is IMMENSE. When viewed from this lens, the fact that I wasn’t able to visit a lot of restaurants or bars or shops during Blog Year Seven is not a big deal. Still, it was hard – even if bearably so – to not do something I love so much. I didn’t eat inside restaurants for a year – and there was definitely some grief around the loss of that. Life opening up has been a blessing for me in so many ways. One of those ways has been the ability to feel normal-ish again, to get out and try new places more readily – and eat inside restaurants! Blog Year Eight is feeling much more optimistic than this previous one did.

My goals for Blog Year Eight are simple, feasible ones:

-Blog consistently (no more six-month hiatuses!).

-Visit at least 50 new places total.

-Visit at least 20 new places in the city of Detroit alone.

-Represent at least three new cities (cities I haven’t previously recorded a new-place visit in).

We’ll see how I do. For now, it’s on to the next visit!

Before I go, I’ll share these Blog Year Seven stats – because an overview post wouldn’t be complete without me nerding out on them:

Number of places visited in Blog Year Seven: 36

Number of cities visited: 16

Breakdown by county: Macomb: 15; Oakland: 11; Wayne: 10

Breakdown by city:

Detroit: 10

Clinton Township: 5

Sterling Heights: 3

Chesterfield: 2

Madison Heights: 2

Oxford: 2

Rochester Hills: 2

Troy: 2

Eastpointe: 1

Ferndale: 1

Fraser: 1

New Baltimore: 1

Pontiac: 1

Rochester: 1

Roseville: 1

Shelby Township: 1