218. Opendohr – December 27, 2016 – Plymouth, MI

20161227_14130920161227_141225Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! I’ve been lax about recounting my visit to downtown Plymouth the last week of December, so it’s time to catch up. Here’s another shop I visited: Opendohr. The store offers – as its front door proclaims – a mix of vintage, antique, and new finds. The eclectic items displayed there appear to be carefully chosen and are incredibly fun to take in – check out the gorgeous tower bejeweled with a variety of colorful plastic items shown in the photo above.

470 Forest Ave.

Plymouth, MI 48170

181. Eldorado General Store – July 17, 2016 – Detroit, MI


Hello, all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and braved the heat wave OK if you are here in the D. I was surprised to discover that there was a nice breeze blowing at the outdoor bridal shower I went to Saturday and that the 90-something-degree weather was pleasantly bearable. I’m all for soaking up as much of this summer clime as I possibly can.

After brunching at the fantastic Bobcat Bonnie’s the Sunday before last, I got to cross off another local establishment from my 100 Places bucket list with a stroll just down Michigan Ave. to Eldorado General Store, a charming little shop that sells vintage wares and handmade goods, many of them locally made.

Detroit Candle Company sells its wares here! Its lavender candles, the wax sprinkled with actual whole lavender petals, as well as a pipe tobacco-scented variety were available on my visit. And one of the popular local shaving companies, Detroit Grooming Co., peddles its goods at Eldorado, as well.

Adding interest to the vintage items for sale are tags saying where they were found; the shop owner has a penchant for picking up beautiful vintage clothing, leather handbags, and other items on her travels.

I was excited to be in this store. I had wanted to visit Eldorado for a very long time, and I convinced my not-as-enthusiastic friends to pop in with me. It did not disappoint me. I purchased the birthday card, black tourmaline stone (touted as warding off negative energies – yes, please!), and the handmade teakwood-and-tobacco-scented candle from P.F. Candle Co. shown in the photo above. I was bummed to later discover that duh, it says right on that candle that it was made in California rather than Michigan, but in my eager state at purchase, I hadn’t noticed. I would’ve loved to support a local candle purveyor, but this one smells AMAZING, so I’m happy to aid P.F. Candle Co. instead.

1700 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48216