417. La Noria Bistro – July 13, 2019 – Detroit, MI

July2019LaNoriaBistro1 (2)July2019LaNoriaBistro2 (2)La Noria Bistro is gracing 100 Places in the D! If I didn’t know better, I’d say this Southwest Detroit-based restaurant was tailor-made for me, serving as it does my two favorite cuisines – Italian and Mexican – under one roof. But naturally, La Noria Bistro is serving up the cheesy, spicy, flavorful goodness to more than just my party of one. ūüėõ

I visited La Noria Bistro on a Saturday night in mid-July. July up to that point had been cray-cray-ba-nay-nay for me, so I was thrilled to step away from the madness for a new-place visit.

As restaurants serving both Mexican and Italian food aren’t common to this area, it was funny to realize that La Noria Bistro is located next to the only other Detroit restaurant I’m aware of that features a similar menu mash-up: 100 Places in the D favorite El Barzon. It was also no surprise, then, to later discover that they are owned by the same chef.

As with El Barzon, when you walk into La Noria Bistro, you feel as if you are leaving the banal outside world behind and entering a place of enchantment. From its backlit bar with rows of gleaming bottles to its brick walls etched with archways to the royal purple linens enrobing each table, La Noria Bistro’s dining room exudes an elegance that feels as welcoming as it does sophisticated.

Mexican and Italian food hold equal footing on the menu. Calamari lives alongside Chorizo con Queso Fundido. Italian-prepared veal, pasta, and seafood dishes coexist with fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. There’s a section devoted to pizza – and another devoted to Mexican Sandwiches. SOOOO much goodness to choose from!

Would I go Italian or Mexican, Mexican or Italian during my visit? The glorious thing about dining at La Noria Bistro was that I didn’t have to choose one of the cuisines to the exclusion of the other¬† – I could choose BOTH! And choose both I did.

For my beverage, I went Italian, ordering a glass of red wine (though La Noria Bistro’s extensive list of signature cocktails is deeply intriguing me as I peruse it during the writing of this post). My appetizer, the tasty complimentary chips and salsa brought to the table, was Mexican by default – but I also went the Mexican route with my entr√©e, the Enchiladas Rojas. For dessert, you KNOW I had to order some of that Italian tiramisu!

The Enchiladas Rojas were exquisite! I opted for my dish to include cheese enchiladas as well as chicken-stuffed ones; both were richly flavorful and well complemented by a perfectly-spiced red sauce, shredded cheese, sliced avocado, and sour cream drizzle. They were accompanied by seasoned rice and black beans.

The tiramisu was exceptional, too. It represented the Italian side of La Noria Bistro’s menu well with its layers of mascarpone cream and ladyfinger cookies well-soaked in rum flavoring.

Service at La Noria Bistro was excellent; our female server was friendly, prompt, and professional.

So while I know La Noria Bistro was not custom-made for me, my visit there certainly made it feel like it was, embodying as it did the ethos that I adore in a dining experience: top-notch food, service, and ambiance served up in a way that makes the meal – and you, as the guest – feel special. PLUS, Mexican food and Italian food comingling on one menu: does it get any better than that???

5517 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48210

402. Grandma Bob’s – March 28, 2019 – Detroit, MI

March2019GrandmaBobs2 (3)March2019GrandmaBobs1 (3)Grandma Bob’s is serving up some delicious pizza in the D!

This I discovered on a Thursday night in late March, after happy-hour drinks with a friend at beloved 100 Places in the D alumni member Two James Spirits. Starving after our adult-beverage imbibing, we continued the revelry at the then newly-opened Corktown-based pizzeria.

Is there any food that tastes better after you’ve had a few drinks than pizza? Of course, pizza tastes just as amazing stone-cold-sober¬†as it does when you’re tipsy, but you know what I mean. We had worked up an appetite and were excited to taste-test Grandma Bob’s wares.

Walking into Grandma Bob’s, I admired its fun, funky vibe. Bare lightbulbs hung amidst a tangle of cording from the ceiling. The walls were dark,¬†and the prominent artwork they showcased was a striking ceramic-tile¬†mural of a piece of pizza.¬†A bar along one wall provided seat options, as did long communal tables.

At the time of our visit, the pizzeria had some intriguing choices on its menu, including a Coney pizza loaded with all of the fixings of the iconic hot dog (the chili, the mustard, the onions, the hot dog itself Рyou name it!) and the Pear + Fig pie with its slices of pear, dried figs, honey, walnuts, blue cheese, and basil.

Usually I love to try a¬†pizza loaded with intriguing topping options. Why wasn’t I going for Grandma Bob’s Taco pie with its roasted corn, jalape√Īos, onion, chorizo, radish, crushed corn chips,¬†cilantro, and lime? For whatever reason, I was in a¬†no-frills mood, and the classic Cheese pizza with its mozzarella, red sauce,¬†and shredded basil was calling my name, so I heeded the call.

My friend went simple, too, opting for the Pepperoni pizza. We ordered at the counter¬†at the front of Grandma Bob’s,¬†procuring a¬†round of drinks, as well; I enjoyed one of the bar’s¬†tasty craft cocktails – though 4.5 months later, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called or what it¬†contained (here’s to taking real¬†notes going forward instead of mental notes –¬†and to catching up on the blog so I’m posting in real time!).

Our food came out promptly, and THESE PIZZAS, you guys. They were paragons of fresh, cheesy goodness!

Grandma Bob’s cheese pizza was a reminder of what cheese pizza should taste like: so richly flavorful, making my taste buds¬†go “WOW!!!” Who needs all of the extra toppings when you’ve got cheese pizza like that to eat? It was seriously phenomenal.

My friend felt the same way about the pizza she ordered, that it was more flavorfully nuanced than your typical pepperoni pie. It had honey drizzled over it, giving it a subtle sweetness that she enjoyed.

I ate every slice of the twelve-inch round I ordered but one, opting to take it home so I could¬†savor it later. I left Grandma Bob’s feeling full and satisfied, excited to have discovered¬†yet another¬†awesome locally-owned establishment in Detroit (the city is positively brimming with ’em!).

2135 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48216

394. Buon Appetito – February 23, 2019 – Romeo, MI

February2019BuonAppetito1 (2)February2019BuonAppetito3 (2)After dining at Cantoro Trattoria the Saturday prior, Italian was again on the docket for me¬†the following¬†weekend, this time at Romeo’s Buon Appetito.

I certainly did not object to the repeat in cuisine; I¬†LOVE Italian food. And I loved Buon Appetito’s Eggplant Parmigiana, which I enjoyed as my lunch that day. It was rich, cheesy,¬†deep-fried goodness.

(BTW, how is it that eggplant transforms into something so melt-in-your-mouth amazing when it’s simply dipped in bread crumbs and deep-fried? I’m not a huge fan of that veggie otherwise, but when it’s fried – MAN!)

The restaurant offers a wide array of traditional Italian favorites, including veal-, steak-, and seafood-centered choices and various pastas (with the ability to build your own customized pasta dish). It also serves beer and wine.

No flowery¬†elaboration¬†required here: Buon Appetito’s cuisine is simply delicious, and it’s definitely worth a visit!

117 W. Lafayette St.

Romeo, MI 48065

393. Cantoro Trattoria – February 16, 2019 – Troy, MI

February2019Cantoro1 (2)February2019Cantoro2 (2)February2019Cantoro3 (2)I love Italian food; it’s so rich and comforting and luxurious on the palate! At least, it’s all of those things when it’s done well. And, as I discovered on a chilly evening in mid-February, Cantoro Trattoria in Troy does Italian well.

My mom and stepdad had been raving about the restaurant for months, so I was excited to finally visit it with them for dinner. I was impressed by its sleek modern interior; the prompt, friendly, and polite service that we received; and the delicious cuisine.

The Napoli Caprese salad we shared, for instance, was excellent with its luscious mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. So was my entrée, the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese with its weighty house-made noodles and hearty tomato sauce laden with pancetta and ground beef, veal, and sausage.

Cantoro’s menu is loaded with delectable-sounding offerings such as these. It offers a variety of appetizers,¬†pizzas, pastas, and grill items such as Costoletta di Vitello (veal rib chop) and Branzino alla Griglia¬†(Mediterranean sea bass).

Sitting there in the glitzy dining room of Cantoro Trattoria, sipping red wine and enjoying great food and company, I felt as cozy as can be despite the freezing outdoor temperature. My heart was warm, and my stomach was full – who can ask for anything else?

1695 E. Big Beaver Rd.

Troy, MI 48083

(With an additional location in Plymouth)

370. Crispelli’s – October 10, 2018 – Berkley, MI

October2018Crispellis1 (2)October2018Crispellis4 (2)October2018Crispellis3 (2)The pizza drew me to Crispelli’s of Berkley, but what captured my heart was its salad.

The heart-capturing was specifically carried out by Crispelli’s Mediterranean salad, with its wonderfully zesty lemon-oregano dressing and super-fresh-tasting ingredients: crisp mixed greens and cucumber; marinated¬†red onion; vibrant beets;¬†briny Kalamata olives; creamy chunks of feta; and crunchy toasted breadstick.

This Mediterranean salad¬†is LIIIFFEEE, my friends. I got the side-salad version of it, which was hearty for its size; entr√©e and family-sized versions are also available. In my humble opinion, it would 100 percent not be a mistake to come to this pizzeria and order that salad as your entr√©e. And that’s saying a lot, because I love me some pizza.

And Crispelli’s, the local pizza purveyor with additional locations in Troy and West¬†Bloomfield (and a bakery, Bread by Crispelli’s, in Royal Oak), is known for its pizza.¬†It’s kind of a big deal around these parts, so it’s crazy to me that it took me over 4.5 years of blogging¬†at 100 Places in the D¬†to finally sample its wares. The Red Pie pizza I¬† ordered, with its chunks of fresh mozzarella, sausage, caramelized onion, and Detroit-style deep-dish crust (patrons are given a choice between that and thin crust), was good. But I’m telling ya, that salad!

Aesthetics-wise, I enjoyed the mish-mash of ambiance at the Berkley location of Crispelli’s. The front part is casual: an order-at-the-counter dining hall-type set up. The back area is fancier, with a bar and servers to attend to guests, and there are patio areas where you can receive sit-down service, as well. I¬†enjoyed¬†sitting¬†on the front patio in what was presumably my last¬†outdoor dining experience¬†of the year (R.I.P. ’til 2019, patio season!).

28939 Woodward Ave.

Berkley, MI 48072

368. Loui’s Pizza – October 6, 2018 – Hazel Park, MI

October2018Louis1 (2)October2018Louis2 (4)October2018Louis3 (3)Loui’s Pizza: I’m OBSESSED!!!!

The last-but-most-certainly-not-least of the five new places I visited on my 34th birthday, the Hazel Park-based pizzeria majorly exceeded my expectations, even dethroning Buddy’s Pizza¬†as my favorite local pizza purveyor, which is a VERY BIG DEAL.

I actually feel sacrilegious saying I like Loui’s Pizza better than Buddy’s, because Buddy’s is a part of¬†the family mythology on my mother’s side. My great-grandma made the sauce at the original, still-open¬†location at Six Mile¬†and Conant in Detroit. Buddy’s Pizza is sort of in our DNA – or at the very least,¬†our go-to main course¬†for family celebrations. But MAN,¬†is Loui’s Pizza good!

The¬†pizzeria was¬†PACKED when my mom, stepdad, and I arrived around 7:30 on¬†that rainy Saturday evening. Its cheery red interior felt homey and welcoming with¬†its ceilings hung with twinkle lights and multitude¬†of¬†empty wine bottles signed by patrons; it vibrated with good energy. Loui’s cozy-retro confines¬†felt like the warmth of a beloved grandparent’s hug: safe and secure and reassuring.

Our server was prompt and friendly. While¬†we waited for our pizza,¬†we shared an individual-sized antipasto salad. I’m generally not one¬†for antipasto salads, but¬†this one¬†impressed me:¬†it was¬†fresh and flavorful, with chunks of ham in addition to the salami and a tasty dressing.

And then, it was the moment of truth: our pizza arrived. I bit into my first slice of sausage-and-onion-topped pie, and O.M.G.

Loui’s¬†pizza may be the best pizza I have ever eaten; it’s certainly the best pizza I can recall eating. The cheese was rich, plentiful, and flavorful. The edges of the crust were crispy, greasy deliciousness. The bottom part of the crust was not super well-done, allowing us to taste¬†its doughiness – which we enjoyed, because¬†it was wonderful tasting. The sauce was not as plentiful as Buddy’s, and also not as strongly flavored, and we liked that.

We all agreed: this iteration of¬†Detroit-style¬†pizza was better than Buddy’s, however awkward that¬†was to admit in the face of our family mythology (sorry, Buddy’s – we still love you!).

The gloriousness of Loui’s pizza continued for me with the two leftover slices I took home along with a portion¬†of¬†cheesy breadsticks my mom had ordered to-go because they’d taunted us from a nearby table.¬†How good¬†those¬†were, too! They were loaded with that rich, flavorful cheese.

Two weeks later, I’m still dreaming of Loui’s and¬†its epic pizza and breadsticks. I want to hole up¬†within¬†its cozy interior and get some of that cheesy, greasy, doughy perfection back into my belly!

Worth noting: Loui’s is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

23141 Dequindre Rd.

Hazel Park, MI 48030

358. Ottava Via – September 6, 2018 – Detroit, MI

September2018OttavaVia1 (3)September2018OttavaVia3 (2)Ottava Via: what a delight! This restaurant exceeded my expectations, presenting an immensely enjoyable dining experience.

I didn’t hold much in the way of expectations around Ottava Via prior to going there because¬†I didn’t know much about it.¬†Here’s what I knew: it served Italian, was¬†located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, and a¬†friend of mine had once snatched¬†a barely-eaten¬†appetizer off an abandoned table there and eaten it (apparently it was too¬†enticing to pass up!).¬†AND it was on my collected list of places to visit, so I’d likely read something good about it at some point. With that background¬†information in mind, I recruited a¬†pal for a dinnertime visit and motored down to Michigan Avenue.

Pulling up to the restaurant’s storefront, I realized I’d passed¬†its nondescript black-and-white sign quite a few times. I also realized¬†its demure appearance belies the glory that¬†resides just behind it.

Pulling around to the rear of Ottava Via to park, I saw this gorgeous gated patio with pots of flowers, strings of twinkle lights, and wooden communal tables. A fire burned in a brick fireplace, and adjacent to the patio was a bocce court where guests could play the traditional Italian game. It was a hidden paradise!

There was no way¬†my friend and I¬†weren’t sitting in that garden enclave, especially during the last dregs of¬†the warm-weather¬†season. We plopped down at one of those communal tables and soaked¬†up the pleasant patio-side vibes.

I perused Ottava Via’s menu and¬†was quickly¬†sold on the Ragout Alla Bolognese with its veal- and pork-infused sauce, though several of¬†the small-plate and pizza options intrigued me, including the prosciutto- and cheese-stuffed fried Arancini balls and¬†two of my fave Italian classics,¬†Caprese salad and Margherita pizza. My friend ordered the Artichoke pizza with its namesake veggie,¬†pecorino cheese, garlic, lemon zest, and a¬†spinach pesto sauce.

The meals came out promptly, and I was pumped to dig into the Ragout Alla Bolognese with its thick pappardelle egg noodles, meaty sauce, and dollops of fresh ricotta.

Dug in I did, to discover that¬†the dish¬†was delicious. The sauce was rich, the ricotta was creamy, the noodles were¬†wonderfully fresh and flavorful. I enjoyed those house-made¬†pappardelle noodles¬†in that Ragout Alla Bolognese¬†as much as I did the sauce, which surprised me. I guess I’m used to¬†eating dried pasta¬†that tastes more like the cardboard¬†box it came in than a from-scratch culinary staple with a rich tradition. Ottava Via’s pappardelle pasta definitely tastes like the latter; it’s a¬†prime component¬†of the Ragout Alla Bolognese¬†rather than simply a vessel for the sauce.

My friend raved about her pizza with its chunks of artichokes and pesto sauce, and it looked so appealing that I had to try a bite of it; it was tasty, and I would have loved to scarf the whole of it myself.

To drink wine and eat¬†pizza and pasta¬†while dining¬†alfresco and enjoying good company: is there anything better than that? In the scheme of life, it’s a simple experience, and yet¬†the¬†unadulterated¬†pleasure it offers makes it a magical¬†one – especially when dining at a place¬†that offers as¬†much in the way of cuisine and ambiance as Ottava Via does.

1400 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48216

351. La Dolce Vita – July 28, 2018 – Detroit, MI

July2018LaDolceVita1 (2)July2018LaDolceVita2 (2)Fellow patio lovers, rejoice, because today we’re talking about La Dolce Vita in Detroit and its supreme example of terrace living!

Touting itself as “Detroit’s best-kept secret,” the Italian restaurant on¬†Woodward Avenue north of McNichols with a nondescript brown-brick exterior that’s all blink-and-you-might-miss it (and I did initially)¬†is¬†indeed hiding¬†a¬†Secret Garden-esque¬†oasis around back.

Beyond its¬†rear parking lot and valet-only parking ($5)¬†beckons this¬†gorgeous gated patio with¬†its gurgling fountain, stately trees, walls thick with ivy, and¬†vibrant flowers. It’s lovely. Sitting on La Dolce Vita’s patio made me feel like I was on vacation in Europe rather than off a gritty stretch of Woodward.

Partly because of this exceptional ambiance and partly because of the prices, I’d categorize La Dolce Vita as an upscale establishment. While costs aren’t shockingly high, they are more robust than those of the typical area Italian restaurant (side soups and salads are √† la carte, for instance).

The restaurant also¬†appeared¬†to attract a particular category of clientele: older folks with money.¬†I marveled as wave after wave of chicly dressed¬†sixty-plus-year-olds¬†crossed¬†its threshold. They weren’t the only ones frequenting the restaurant; there were younger people, more casually dressed people, families – but they appeared to be the prime demographic on this Saturday night.

Overall, the place was kicking; the patio was full the whole time my friend and I were there (we were lucky to get the lone open table outside upon our arrival), and the interior of the restaurant filled over the course of our visit.

And¬†you don’t have to be of a certain age or financial status to enjoy La Dolce Vita, my friend and I found. We basked in the glory of dining alfresco on a warm summer’s night, sipping wine and enjoying rich, flavorful fare.¬†I¬†deemed delicious both¬†the¬†minestrone soup with its chunky vegetables and the¬†veal saltimbocca (Medaglioni D Vitello Saltimbocca on the menu) with its fresh sage, prosciutto, and rich wine butter sauce.

While I visited La Dolce Vita at dinner,¬†I’d love to return¬†for its¬†Sunday brunch, which according to its website features bottomless servings of mimosas and Bloody Marys, a band playing patioside,¬†and a wear-pajamas theme (!) the second Sunday of each month. That patio¬†plus patrons in nightshirts and fuzzy slippers guzzling bottomless mimosas? Now THAT I gotta see!

17546 Woodward Ave.

Detroit, MI 48203

335. El Barzon – June 12, 2018 – Detroit, MI

June2018ElBarzon4 (2)June2018ElBarzon1 (2)June2018ElBarzon2 (2)Behold, my latest obsession: El Barzon restaurant of Detroit!

Of¬†course this¬†restaurant that serves both Italian and Mexican dishes would pique my interest. How could I go wrong by¬†visiting a place that embraces two of my favorite cuisines –¬†cuisines both centered around the¬†bewitching culinary trifecta of¬†Spice, Sauce, and Cheese? I was immediately¬†enamored with the concept.

I was immediately enamored with¬†El Barzon’s¬†ambiance as well when, on a Tuesday night two weeks ago, I¬†pulled up to¬†the restaurant on Junction Street in Southwest Detroit,¬†this bright beacon with its neat red-brick exterior and abundance of vibrant flowers crammed in¬†window boxes and¬†perched atop¬†the patio wall.¬†I was¬†even more enthused when I saw that the restaurant had its own parking lot to the rear of it (as I’ve previously mentioned on¬†this blog¬†ad nauseam, free lot parking in Detroit is LIFE to me, Ms.¬†Parallel-Parking Phobic).

My friend who accompanied me to El Barzon and I entered the restaurant through the rear entrance into its semi-open-air covered patio. I was thrilled to sit on that patio with its gurgling waterfall, bar back-lit with pink and purple lighting, and tables bedecked with vases of fresh red roses.

Upon being greeted and led to a table, a basket of tortilla chips with two different kinds of salsas was placed¬†before us¬†–¬†illustrating that¬†at least¬†in the¬†complimentary-appetizer sense, El Barzon was promoting Mexican cuisine over Italian. Fine by me – I’m not one to refuse endless chips and salsa!

The menu was a treasure trove of delectable choices. Between both the Italian and Mexican choices, my brain was about to explode in a frenzy of indecision: should I order veal? or enchiladas? or lasagna? Italian or Mexican РMexican or Italian???

In the end, I went with my gut instinct, and that instinct said to go with Mexican: specifically the steak-filled Enchiladas de Mole Poblano. Enchiladas have never been one to lead me astray.

Upon¬†ordering the enchiladas, our server insisted that I sample the Mole Poblano¬†first to ensure I liked it. Though I’d not¬†tasted¬†the traditional Mexican sauce¬†prior to my visit to El Barzon, I assured him I was confident I would, as I knew it incorporated chocolate, dried chili peppers, and spices such as cinnamon¬†– all¬†ingredients I adored. But he persisted in advising¬†I try the sauce first, and being one¬†who gives high regard to¬†servers’ opinions (I was in their shoes once myself, after all), I assented.

Sampling that Mole Poblano sauce¬†confirmed what I’d suspected: it was rich, flavorful, totally-up-my-alley deliciousness! I could also¬†grasp how it might not suit everyone’s preferences, especially those who are not into richly spiced items or incorporating chocolate into savory dishes.

And the enchiladas themselves! They were wonderful with their tender steak and doused in that¬†decadent mole sauce and topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and sliced avocado. It’s safe to¬†say that I¬†am steadfastly a Enchiladas de Mole Poblano enthusiast after the experience of consuming El Barzon’s.

While I’d waited for those delectable enchiladas, I’d sipped on one of¬†the restaurant’s signature margaritas, the Jamaica, which was perfect with¬†what¬†the menu refers to as “hibiscus-infused tequila” and a “homemade citrus agave blend” along with triple sec and a salted rim. I’d opted to again defer to the Mexican side of the menu with this drink choice –¬†though I did also peruse El Barzon’s extensive and impressive wine menu.

The magical ambiance and supreme food and drink were enough to label El Barzon a winner in my book; the top-notch service qualified it as a veritable champion. The gentleman who waited on us offered the epitome of prompt, pleasant, professional service, as did the other staff members who we interacted with. Their graceful action added to the elegance of the place.

The restaurant was also wonderfully clean. The ladies’ restroom at the time of my visit was so¬†sparkling that I found myself musing “You could eat off of this restroom floor!” – an assessment wholly atypical of my¬†usual assertion around public restrooms, which in general¬†threaten to trigger my childhood germ phobia more often than not.

As I’ve illustrated here, I¬†cannot rave enough about this place, the beautiful El Barzon! I could keep waxing on about it indefinitely, so let me wrap it up by simply asserting this: it’s a definite gem¬†of the Detroit restaurant scene, and you should definitely visit it if you at all¬†feel compelled to.

3710 Junction St.

Detroit, MI 48210

284. Bommarito Bakery – October 7, 2017 – Saint Clair Shores, MI

BommaritosOct2017-2 (2)BommaritosOct2017-1 (2)I’d never visited Bommarito Bakery in Saint Clair Shores¬†until a few weeks ago; however, I did have a memorable run-in with one of its cassata cakes a few years ago.

A friend of mine had a party at which she presented the cake; I tried some, and my mind was BLOWN. It was the best cassata cake I’d¬†ever had – which is saying a lot, because cassata cake¬†is one of those things I’m particular about – i.e., something I’d previously¬†specifically entrusted¬†Vito’s Bakery in Clinton Township to make for me, because¬†Vito’s cassata cake was THE cassata cake. It was its cannoli filling, with those chunks of chocolate and the perfect amount of cinnamon, that sealed the deal¬†. . .¬†my family and I have long seen Vito’s as the winner in the cannoli-filling department. But here was Bommarito Bakery totally dethroning Vito’s in my mind. What was happening????

After Bommarito and its bomb cassata cake shook up my world and earned my respect, I knew I had to visit the bakery so I could cover it for the blog. Earlier this month, I finally did and¬†learned that¬†Bommarito is much more than a bakery; it’s also a pizzeria, grocery, and wine store.

The¬†evening I was there was a busy one, as it was the night of the annual Michigan vs. Michigan State football game; people were loading up on grub for their viewing parties. I myself was there¬†to pick up a pizza I’d ordered. While waiting in line to pay, I was able to¬†scope out the shop in greater detail.

Not only is this place a purveyor of freshly baked breads, cookies, cream puffs, cannolis, donuts, cakes, pies, and the like, it also offers¬†sub sandwiches and gelato¬†– in addition to the aforementioned pizza. Then there’s the¬†extensive wine selection and the rows of dry and refrigerated groceries. Bommarito Bakery really has all of its bases covered! Not only can you stop¬†there and¬†pick up some tasty baked goods¬†for your next¬†office potluck,¬†while you’re at it, you can¬†grab some subs for dinner, some wine to accompany it, that milk you ran out of, the bread for the kid’s sandwiches, that mind-blowing cassata cake. . . it’s truly a one-stop-shop kind of bakery!

21830 Greater Mack Ave.

St. Clair Shores, MI 48080