Grosse Pointe

396. The Whiskey Six – March 2, 2019 – Grosse Pointe, MI

March2019WhiskeySix1 (2)A friend and I stumbled across The Whiskey Six on a Saturday night in early March.

When I say we stumbled across The Whiskey Six, I mean that literally: we were walking around and around this little corner of downtown Grosse Pointe, looking for another restaurant that our GPS said was there but that we just. couldn’t. find. But there was The Whiskey Six, its windows glowing warmly at us, and we were like, why not?

We walked inside The Whiskey Six and were greeted to a bustling scene, an establishment that felt both refined and welcoming.

Featured in the front of the restaurant is this impressive wraparound bar with these multi-tiered wooden shelves holding both backlit bottles of spirits and flat-screen TVs. The overall vibe is industrial-chic-meets-rustic, with wrought-iron chandeliers, exposed brick and ductwork, and a shiny antique car displayed on a ceiling-level platform.

As you’d expect, The Whiskey Six serves a “vast selection of fine whiskeys,” as it puts it on the About page of its website. It also offers craft beers (including many local choices), wine, and cocktails.

The restaurant’s food menu features a variety of appetizers (from Fish Tacos to Crispy Rice Balls to Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”); soups and salads; sliders (including lamb and meatball options); pizzas; burgers and sandwiches; and entrées. That latter section features pastas and protein-centric dishes such as Macaroni and Cheese and Char Grilled Salmon.

I emphatically opted-in for the W6 Tenderloin, an eight-ounce filet of beef wrapped in bacon and served with mashed cauliflower and vegetables. I also ordered the Maiden Manhattan as my alcoholic beverage du jour. It was tasty and strong and complemented the tender, savory W6 Tenderloin.

Our server at The Whiskey Six was great, attentive and friendly. Further enhancing the ambiance of the place was a band that struck up lively tunes during our dinner.

So much of modern life is planned – at least, my modern life is. My unplanned visit to The Whiskey Six was a reminder of the power of spontaneity. I’m grateful that my friend and I happened upon it on accident and that the restaurant facilitated our dining experience as divinely as it did.

646 St. Clair Ave.

Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

44. TN Thai Bistro – April 18, 2014 – Grosse Pointe, MI


So this is why you don’t get three months behind on a blog: I forgot about this place! It suddenly hit me today when I was scrolling through my posts that I had never logged my visit to TN Thai Bistro in Grosse Pointe, way back in April. I’m so bummed that I forgot about it, because now the posts are out of order. In case anyone beside me cares, this should actually be #16 on my list.

What do I remember about the visit? The pad Thai was delicious!

17100 Kercheval Ave.
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230