152. Astoria Pastry Shop – November 27, 2015 – Detroit, MI

20151127_12362020151127_122952 (2)Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I hope so. I did, but it was the first time in about 15 years – minus a few times during my college years – that I didn’t go downtown for the Lions game. And of course they had to crush it this year. Wah wah. I’m not a football person, to be honest, but a generous uncle on my mom’s side of the family usually gets a suite for Thanksgiving and takes us all and um, yeah, I love suites. Who doesn’t? We could’ve still went to the game this year; he didn’t get the suite but offered everyone regular tickets. But our little faction – my mom, stepdad, and brother – opted to visit my Gram instead, as she went into assisted living this year and can’t get out, and then to have our own Thanksgiving dinner.

We were definitely glad we saw Gram. Still, it was hard for us to not experience major withdrawals from the usual get-downtown-at-9-a.m.-and-start-eating-and-drinking-immediately extravaganza. So we vowed we will go next year and just visit Gram before and get down there later.

I mention all of this because I believe the feelings of withdrawal are the reason my mom and I ended up downtown the next day, in Greektown. I coaxed by mother down there with the prospect of gambling at the casino. She likes to go from time to time, and while I’m not a gambler, I’m happy to plunk a bit on the machines and watch her if it means a trip downtown! We ate lunch at Pegasus, which I am pretty sure I have eaten at before a billion years ago, so I won’t chronicle that, but we stopped at Astoria Pastry Shop as well. I’ve been to the Royal Oak location, but I’ve been wanting to check this one out, too. It is elegant, with long display cases full of pretty much every type of beautiful baked goods you can think of: hefty cupcakes, vibrantly colored French┬ámacarons, pieces of baklava as thick and round as a hockey puck and half-dipped in chocolate (my choice!). Yeah, we both had the remains of delicious pies left over from the night before at our residences, but . . . how could we resist picking up a treat or two?

541 Monroe St.

Detroit, MI 48226

123. The Golden Fleece – June 6, 2015 – Detroit, MI



I made it down to the D this weekend! And it felt fantastic to be there. It made me really excited for summer and some upcoming plans I have scheduled down there (Tigers, glad to see you’ve started to win again – keep it up, please! I’ve got tickets for a few weeks from now!).

My mom and I journeyed down to Greektown Saturday for a mother-daughter day. For lunch, we chose one of the classic Greek establishments, The Golden Fleece. I loved its old-school vibe, the walls with their brightly colored painted murals, and their flavorful hummus and awesomely tender, juicy lamb chops. Stop over here and bolster your strength pre-casino run!

525 Monroe St.

Detroit, MI 48226