Bagel Shops

493. New York Bagel – January 10, 2021 – Ferndale, MI

Like peanut butter and chocolate, bagels and Sundays just go together. But bagels are delicious any day of the week – especially if you order them from New York Bagel!

The family-owned business has been in operation for 100 years! I visited its Ferndale location on a Sunday in early January, kicking the year off right with an order of a dozen bagels and a Reuben sandwich.

That Reuben sandwich – WOW, was it rich, satisfying deliciousness! Nestled in between soft, densely chewy bagel pieces optimally spiced with Everything bagel seasoning were tender corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, and zesty Russian dressing. I got to pick the type of bagel used for The Reuben, which also came with coleslaw. And I opted to skip the Swiss cheese it’s generally made with (though I’m sure it would make it extra tasty!). The end result of those choices: me enjoying every bite of this freshly made, flavorful sandwich.

Sunday or not, I would definitely visit New York Bagel again!

23316 Woodward Ave.

Ferndale, MI 48220

(With additional locations in Southfield and West Bloomfield)

253. Eastside Bagel – June 11, 2017 – Saint Clair Shores, MI

20170611_110033 (2)20170611_111700 (2)Good morning, all! If this morning has not been as good as you’d like it to be, there’s still time to redeem it by heading over to Eastside Bagel in Saint Clair Shores. I mean, check out that delightful Everything-bagel sandwich above with its turkey and bacon and spicy cream-cheese. Perfection! Not hard to see why this place was bustling on the weekend morning that I visited it last month, patrons crowding around the little tables to enjoy their bagels, sandwiches, salads, and soup in leisurely Sunday-morning fashion.

21601 Harper Ave.

St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

164. Detroit Institute of Bagels – February 14, 2016 – Detroit, MI

20160214_10382320160214_11052520160214_104832Love is . . . taking yourself on a drive to Corktown on a brisk, sunny Valentine’s Day morning and gorging yourself with the most delicious bagel sandwich you’ve ever had in your life. Seriously – go. to. Detroit. Institute. of. Bagels. Tomorrow morning. Get the mind-blowing #9 (the Turkey, Bacon & Avocado sandwich with gouda and spicy mayo) on a toasted whole-wheat Everything bagel, or try one of the other amazing-sounding bagel sandwiches. Soak up the rustic hipster ambiance and the cheery vibes from the happy, friendly staff. And fall in love with this charming bagel shop!

1236 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48226