554. Browndog Barlor & Restaurant – April 16, 2022 – Northville, MI

When in Rome – or Browndog Barlor of downtown Northville – savor a Drunken Muppet.

The Drunken Muppet is a drink, not an inebriated puppet – a boozy milkshake, to be exact. It’s a delightful concoction of Browndog Creamery’s Kookie for Cookies ice cream, chocolate vodka, and chocolate liqueur, topped with house-made whipped cream and cookie pieces. The ice cream gives it a minty-blue hue.

Kookie for Cookies is not your typical cookies-and-cream ice cream. Not only is it dyed blue, it’s also got the cookie factor times three. This ice cream is infused with chunks of cookie dough, chocolate-sandwich cookies, and house-made chocolate-chip cookies!

I didn’t walk up to the bar of Browndog Barlor and order one of those Kookie for Cookies milkshakes. I ordered a Mocha Under the Influence, an intriguing concoction of chocolate ice cream and espresso-infused vodka (I almost never pass up a chocolate option on a dessert menu!). But somehow my order got lost in translation, and I was brought the Kookie for Cookies. Hence the “when in Rome” aspect of this visit to Browndog. I couldn’t bring myself to waste a perfectly good milkshake!

And good it was. The Kookie for Cookies was decadently creamy; it went down so very easy. Boozy milkshakes are dangerous in that they belong to that category of drink that makes you oblivious to how much alcohol you’re consuming. I didn’t leave Browndog Barlor bombed, by any means, but I did have a good little buzz going.

Browndog serves more than just boozy milkshakes crafted with its artisan ice cream. It also features a full food menu with hearty fare such as tacos, burgers, and sandwiches. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, and scoops of Browndog’s signature flavors are always available, as are pints to go.

And Browndog isn’t skimping on the flavor varieties! The current ice cream menu includes six ice creams made in conjunction with Faygo (the Rock & Rye varietal, Choc & Rye, with its swirls of fudge and brownie pieces, beckons my childhood self!). Other options are as varied as Flowers & Figs (featuring lavender, fig jam, and honey) and Fruity Cereal Milk (described on Browndog’s site as “White chocolate covered Fruity Pebbles are hand mixed into a Fruity Pebble steeped cereal milk ice cream.”). A cornucopia of choices awaits you and your own “when in Rome” moment!

120 E. Main St.

Northville, MI 48167

(With an additional location in Farmington)


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