551. Black Cat Coffee – March 25, 2022 – Mount Clemens, MI

Black Cat Coffee, a place where you want to be a regular!

I don’t appear to be the only one who espouses that sentiment about the indie coffee house based in downtown Mount Clemens. From what I’ve experienced of Black Cat, it attracts repeat customers – and for good reason. The baristas are super welcoming, happy to chat you up, recommend a drink – even make change so you can feed your parking meter. The shop is beautiful: a soothing-glam oasis with its gleaming tin ceilings, scarlet walls, potted plants, and crystal chandeliers. And the drinks! The drinks are oh-so-delicious, perfect little infusions of caffeine and flavor.

I’ve visited Black Cat twice now, savoring those tasty drinks during remote-work sessions. Its cappuccino is rich and creamy; its nitro cold brew is full of flavor. Its Spicy Cougar signature drink is phenomenal, a deliciously sweet, spicy, chocolatey concoction. And its CafĂ© Miel! Black Cat’s take on the classic espresso drink infused with steamed milk and honey is SO good. That’s going to become a regular in my rotation, for sure.

Visiting new-to-me places is (obviously) an obsession of mine. But some places are so good, I can’t help but revisit. Black Cat Coffee is one of those places. I see myself returning again and again to this sweet little coffee-lover’s haven.

55 Macomb Pl.

Mt. Clemens, MI 48043


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