100 Places in the D’s Top Ten Places Visited in Blog Year Eight!

Naked Burger’s (Visit #506) Chick Mac-Net sandwich

100 Places in the D recently turned eight years old! As part of celebrating that milestone, I’m highlighting my top-ten favorite places I visited during Blog Year Eight. Here they are, in no particular order: 10 locally-owned gems wholly worth a visit!

-Naked Burger (#506, Clinton Township): I know I said I’m not listing these in any particular order . . . but I couldn’t help putting Naked Burger first on the list. Because this was, hands-down, my favorite visit of Blog Year Eight. Beautiful ambiance, delicious drinks, and an absolute culinary REVELATION in the form of the Chick Mac-Net sandwich had me eating this restaurant’s wares five times last year.

-PizzaPlex (#523, Detroit): I still daydream on the regular about its exquisite wood-fired pizza crust! And that patio . . ..

The Congregation (#510)

-The Congregation (#510, Detroit): I adore everything about this bar-slash-coffee shop residing inside a beautiful old church in Detroit. From its fantastic drinks (that Lavender Latte!) to its delicious food to its plethora of outdoor seating options (including on a pretty wooden deck and in its sprawling backyard populated with picnic tables), not to mention, its friendly staff and reasonable prices . . . I could go on and on with my gushing.

-Supergeil (#524, Detroit): A revisit to Supergeil last weekend reminded me how fantastic it is – not that I needed the reminder. Its funky-hipster-Mediterranean ambiance lived on in my memory – as did its host of revelatory craft cocktails and absolutely delish food (those fries doused in aioli and hot sauce ~SWOON!~).

SheWolf’s (#517) Paccheri All’Arrabbiata

-Donut Castle (#501, Warren): This unassuming little bakery is serving up some of the biggest, freshest flavor I’ve ever tasted. The crullers and the bagel club sandwich are EVERYTHING!

-SheWolf (#517, Detroit): I wasn’t just served a meal at SheWolf; I was served an experience – and one of the best, at that. If you want to be absolutely wowed, dine here!

-Womxnhouse Detroit (#525, Detroit): Speaking of being absolutely wowed: I visited Womxnhouse Detroit’s inaugural showing last October and was enthralled by the beautiful, compelling artwork on display – all female-created. I look forward to seeing what this year’s artists-in-residence create!

Willis Show Bar (#528)

-Open Book Theatre (#540, Trenton): This sweet community theatre’s production of Christmas at Pemberley was my first viewing of live theater since COVID hit. That alone would have made the visit memorable. But it was the obvious care put into every aspect of the place that made the visit extra special.

-Willis Show Bar (#528, Detroit): My friends and I are still raving about the visit to this magical music club we made back in October. Come for the fantastic house band that brings the house down; stay for the stellar drink menu.

-Ernie’s Market (#532, Oak Park): Ernie’s Market, doing the good work, serving up monster doses of love and delicatessen delight! This place epitomizes the magic of new-place visits for me.

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