542. Delphine Jamaican Restaurant – December 31, 2021 – Warren, MI

To end the year with a new-place visit is always a delight – ESPECIALLY when it means visiting Delphine Jamaican restaurant!

The Warren-based carryout joint is serving up ultra-tasty Jamaican fare – with sides of humor and charm, to boot. The man who rang up my order (presumably the owner) on New Year’s Eve was funny, joking about how long his shift was and cracking a smile at my silly quip about being left-handed when I went in to sign the receipt. I left Delphine with a boost to my mood after interacting with him.

After tasting the meal, my mood really got a boost! I’d ordered Delphine’s Large Jerk Chicken lunch special, which kicked off with fall-off-the-bone tender chicken coated in a tantalizingly spicy rub. It was oh-so-delicious! I savored it and the bed of rice and beans that sat beneath it.

Then I moved on to the side of cooked cabbage – and my taste buds were blown away by how good it was. Who knew cabbage could taste that good? It was buttery, flavorful goodness!

The last act of this lunch? The plantain slices – another showstopper. Again, I was amazed at how good they were. I love plantains, but these were next-level: delightfully rich and spongey and subtly sweet. They were a fitting end to a filling, satisfying lunch.

Three pieces of jerk chicken atop a bed of rice and beans, with sides of plantains and cabbage, cost me $10.50 Ă  la Delphine’s Large Jerk Chicken lunch special. What a steal! Check out Delphine’s menu for its other enticing offerings, which include oxtail, curry goat, stew chicken, jerk chicken wings, Jamaican patties, and seafood dishes such as jerk salmon and red snapper. Vegetarian options are available (such as the delicious-sounding Rasta Stew featuring pumpkin and both white and sweet potatoes), as are desserts (including banana cake and peach cobbler).

What a satisfying way to end the year, with a meal from Delphine’s!

14377 E. 9 Mile Rd.

Warren, MI 48089


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