496. Coffee First Cafe and Bake Shoppe – January 30, 2021 – Sterling Heights, MI

Coffee First Cafe and Bake Shoppe knows that hot beverages and tasty treats can make an experience!

The Sterling Heights-based coffee shop enhanced one of my winter highlights: a friend date at Dodge Park (a.k.a. social outing: COVID edition). It was a beautifully sunny day – but still, it was January. Hot beverages and sugary sustenance were in order. So I prepared for the wintry walk by gathering provisions – coffee drinks and cheery-hued macarons – from Coffee First.

It was a delight to soak in this cute coffee shop’s vibes while ordering from the friendly barista. The cappuccino she prepared was fantastic, richly flavored and such a treat to take along on the park trails. And the macarons were tasty complements to me and my friend’s conversation.

Ah, these simple joys of life, cookies and coffee and conversation with a good friend! I’m grateful that places such as Coffee First exist to facilitate such experiences.

38373 Dodge Park Rd.

Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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