415. The Skip – June 29, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019TheSkip1 (2)June2019TheSkip2 (2)In the Summer 2019 awards gala being staged in my head right now, The Skip, hands-down, wins the prize for Tastiest Cocktail Concoction.

I became acquainted with The Skip during a superhero-themed bike bar crawl I went on with friends in late June. After stops at Eastern Market-based Cøllect and 100 Places in the D forever-favorite Motor City Brewing Works, we cycled over to the bar located in The Belt, the alleyway in downtown Detroit featuring vibrant artwork and awesome locally-owned businesses.

The Skip is small, but it’s mighty when it comes to offering up ambiance; it’s got trippy-meets-tropical vibes with its disco ball, multi-hued lighting, tropical wallpaper, and faux-flower garlands. On the night of my visit, The Skip was open-air, its roll-up front pulled up to expose it to The Belt and the crowds weaving through it.

When I went to order a drink at The Skip, the bartender who served me recommended that magical drink that would become my Tastiest Cocktail Concoction of Summer 2019: the Irish Coffee.

The Skip’s Irish Coffee is not your typical Irish Coffee; it’s an exquisite version of the classic drink. It’s made with Old Forester Whiskey, a cold-brew-coffee concentrate, cream, and sugar – and then it’s frozen. The result is a boozy-milkshake-esque, ultra-delectable treat that will lovingly haunt your taste buds for months to follow.

Naturally, The Skip offers other alcoholic beverages besides this swoon-worthy Irish Coffee; it has a full bar serving up signature cocktails (labeled “Fancy Drinks” on its menu), a few other frozen drinks, wine, and craft beer. It’s also got a food menu showcasing tacos and several other dishes that sound just perfect for calming cocktail-imbued munchies, including a chicken empanada with a coconut-chili gravy and a hot dog made of Wagyu beef topped with cilantro, hot sauce, pickled shallots, and mustard.

Despite its island theme and complementary nature toward the warm-weather months, The Skip is open year-round, doing the good work of proffering that nectar-of-the-gods-worthy Irish Coffee to downtown revelers.

1234 Library St.

Detroit, MI 48226


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