412. Pie-Sci Pizza – June 6, 2019 – Detroit, MI

June2019PieSci1 (3)June2019PieSci2 (3)Pie-Sci Pizza!!! Thank you for making such damn good pizza – and for making my summer that much sweeter to recall!

As I continue to catch up on posting here on 100 Places in the D after an unplanned 5.5-month hiatus (procrastination is an insidious devil), I’ve arrived at my summer-season visits – just as summer has ended.

At first I found this fact depressing, but I soon reframed it: through my blogging for 100 Places in the D, I get to relive a bunch of awesome Summer 2019 moments  – such as my trip to Pie-Sci!

I visited the pizza shop in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit on a Thursday night in early June. (BTW, Woodbridge has been added to my growing list of Detroit neighborhoods I can see myself living in. Every time I’ve visited that area, I’ve gotten good vibes!)

The restaurant’s interior may be small, but it’s serving up some BIG flavor. Pie-Sci’s signature pizzas incorporate some delectably creative topping combos.

Take the pizza I ordered during my visit: the Pear Necessities, a pie with bacon, spinach, sliced pear, feta, mozzarella, and a honey drizzle. This is not your typical pizza-topping orchestration, but MAN! it was phenomenal! The toppings melded together perfectly to form this well-balanced, richly flavored, totally tasty pie. Pie-Sci’s Pear Necessities pizza was, hands-down, one of the best dishes I consumed all summer.

Alas, the Pear Necessities pizza is not on Pie-Sci’s current menu featured on its website. However, the pizza ordered by my friend who accompanied me on this visit, the BLT, is – and let me tell you, that bad-boy was pretty damn delicious, too (she let me try a piece of it).

A pizza topped with lettuce and mayo would not typically be my scene. But that BLT pizza crafted by Pie-Sci’s hands is topped with mixed greens that are fresh, not wilted, and a mayonnaise that is herb-infused – plus crispy bacon, meaty tomato, palate-pleasing mozzarella, a garlic oil drizzle. . . all manner of YUMness!

Pie-Sci’s current menu boasts a multitude of such YUMified pizzas. It’s separated into sections that play off of the restaurant’s chemistry-related branding. For instance, “Basics” – a.k.a. “Pizza Elementary” – is the area denoted to more classic pie varietals such as the Margherita and Meatlovers, while the “Graduate”/”U of Pizza” section contains such intriguing inventions as the Cashew Rules Everything Around Me pie, which is described on the menu as being a vessel for “vegan cashew cheese, mushroom, balsamic braised leek and citrus marinated kale with a raspberry emulsion drizzle” (a grad-level culinary concoction, indeed!).

Each of Pie-Sci’s signature pies is marked with symbols denoting it “meaty,” vegetarian, or vegan (with many pizzas holding the possibility to be vegetarian or vegan per modifications, if they aren’t inherently); gluten-free crust is available for large-sized selections. Additionally, there’s the option to construct your own pie from an assortment of toppings as well as to opt in on a “drizzle addition” of a sauce such as herb-infused vegan mayo, buttermilk ranch, or Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce [cue my mouth watering for the umpteenth time during the writing of this post].

The fun on Pie-Sci’s menu doesn’t end there: it also offers artisanal vegan, gluten-free ice-cream sandwiches for dessert, plus pizzas integrating breakfast-inspired toppings on its Sunday brunch menu.

Reliving my visit to Pie-Sci has been almost as dreamy as the actual visit – almost. I mean, I’m leaving the writing of this post with no Pie-Sci pizza in my belly, so . . . it’s certainly not as visceral as the actual experience of gorging on one of its out-of-this-world pies. I guess I’d better get myself down to Woodbridge, stat!

5163 Trumbull Ave.

Detroit, MI 48208


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