213. Exferimentation Brewing Company – December 3, 2016 – Pontiac, MI

exfer3-2exfer2OK, it’s officially-officially winter now here in the D. We got a bucket of snow dumped on us Sunday night – over 9.5 inches in my neck of the woods! Consequently, I was in hibernation mode this weekend as I anticipated and then witnessed the storm. But I still have my trip to Exferimentation Brewing Company from the weekend before last to report on. ūüôā

The craft¬†brewery is nestled¬†in downtown Pontiac,¬†which I was pleasantly surprised to¬†discover is¬†in the midst of¬†a revitalization period. I worked in Pontiac for a few years back in the late ’00s,¬†when it was, to put it tactfully, not exactly a destination. But now¬†new businesses such as Exferimentation are cropping up, including a Slow’s Bar BQ outpost¬†(!) and another couple of breweries. It’s exciting to see a long-stagnant area experience growth. Pontiac, you deserve it!

I became kind of obsessed with Exferimentation while I was there. I mean, look at it: the interior set-up is basically that of a coffee shop, but instead of coffee, there is beer! I love the cozy furniture that is scattered around in addition to the long tables incorporating repurposed doors, many with handles still attached, as their top surface. I entertain the idea of visiting solo with a book, kicking back in one of those plush leather chairs, and enjoying a pint of the Spicy Bloody Rosemary served in a beaker (Exferimentation has the science theme going in both its logo and glassware). It was equally as enjoyable to sit there with a group and sip beer and play one of the available games.

By the way, that Spicy Bloody Rosemary beer is great. It has a nice¬†kick to it heat-wise, as the name suggests¬†– as does the Dragon Piss, which has more of a DAMN! kick to it. I also¬†sampled the Pink Tickler hibiscus beer, one of the lighter beers, and that was quite good, as well. What I really need to go back and try is the Tres Winery. It’s a Belgian beer infused with pinot noir, my favorite wine. How about¬†kicking back with a pint of¬†that and an absorbing novel on a snowy winter’s night? Sounds perfect.

7 N Saginaw St.

Pontiac, MI 48342



  1. Sorry we missed this when you first published it. Just so you know, Tres Winey will be back on tap by November, and you are more than welcome to bring in a novel to read. (Let us know if you need a blanket!)

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