206. Gnocchi – November 2, 2016 – Clinton Township, MI

It is definitely the time of year when the heavy comfort food especially appeals to me. And last Wednesday night, it was appealing to both me and a friend I’d just went bridal dress shopping with as her maid of honor (a title that is a first for me!). After several hours of traversing Oakland and Macomb counties, scrolling through racks of heavy wedding dresses and doing try-ons with ultimately no luck, we needed some heavy sustenance. Gnocchi won out, because it was close by, Italian food appealed to the bride-to-be – and I’ve been wanting to scope it out since it opened this year. Another one checked off the list!

Located in a strip mall situated on what I think of as the main drag of town, Garfield Road, Gnocchi is relatively small and unpretentious in terms of decor. But it’s homey. Service was strong when we were there – although admittedly, it wasn’t too busy (there was one large party there and us). And the food was great.

As you may gather from its name, Gnocchi is a place that is focused on: gnocchi, those delightful Italian dumplings traditionally made from potato, flour, and egg or, as my family makes them – and in my biased opinion, the far more delicious method – ricotta cheese, flour, and egg. Apparently Gnocchi’s chef agrees with me, as the ones it makes and serves are also ricotta cheese-based, according to its website.

Unsurprisingly, much of the restaurant’s menu is devoted to dishes that incorporate the featured pasta, but not all of it; there are a few meat-centered items that do not include them. But if you are going there, you are likely going there for the gnocchi – or “lead,” as my father termed them growing up. Yes, gnocchis are rich and can be heavy in your stomach, but I can attest that they are the most delicious-tasting lead pellets in the world. And Gnocchi’s spinach-and-ricotta ones served with a Bolognese meat sauce were pretty excellent. I actually finished my leftovers of that dish while I was typing the first part of this post and was reminded of how rich and flavorful it was.

Another perk: Gnocchi’s prices are incredibly reasonable. My meal was $13.99, constituting a generously portioned entree, salad and bread service. I asked to upgrade my salad to a bowl of cheddar and broccoli soup and wasn’t charged extra for the substitution, as I would be at most places.

One bummer is the fact that Gnocchi doesn’t currently have a liquor licencse. Our server told us that they are working on obtaining it. As my friend commented, a dinner out at an Italian restaurant isn’t quite the same without a glass of wine to accompany it. But the food is solid enough to warrent giving this restaurant a try sans alcohol.

41620 Garfield Rd.

Clinton Twp., MI 48038


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