185. Vivio’s – August 21, 2016 – Detroit, MI

When I went downtown for the Tigers game last Sunday with some friends, Supino Pizzeria was our intended lunchtime destination. But it was closed! WAH WAH. I was surprised, because I’ve been there on a Saturday and know that with Eastern Market open, the pizza joint attracts a mega crowd. So by happy accident, I got to check out nearby Vivio’s instead.

Vivio’s is known for its bomb Bloody Marys. The multiple varieties warrant their own menu. You should see these things (and you can, if you pull up the Bloody Mary menu on Vivio’s website). They are INSANE. Seriously, they resemble floral arrangements more than beverages. Check out this description for the Loaded Bloody Mary shown on the website: “Our Famous Bloody Mary with thick cut, ranch bacon, spicy asparagus spears, prosciutto stuffed olives and provolone. Served with pickle spear, lime and beer chaser.” The cup in the corresponding picture is stuffed to the gills with all of these goodies. And one of the Bloody Marys on the menu at the restaurant featured – among many other things – jerky. Jerky!

Confession: I am not a Bloody Mary person. I felt I should become a Bloody Mary person so as to experience one of these fabulous drinks, but I couldn’t muster up the stomach for it. Of our table of four, no one got one! My one friend there loves Bloody Marys, but I couldn’t get even her to do it. I think we all wanted to focus on our meals. Boringly practical, I know! So if you go to Vivio’s and try one of those bad boys, please report your experience in the Comments field. I’d love to know how it was!

Instead of imbibing a glass o’ charcueterie-infused tomato juice, I chowed down on a burger. I can’t find it on the menu on Vivio’s website (which appears to be somewhat different from the one I ordered off of at the restaurant, as does the Bloody Mary menu). But it had bacon and cheese on it and was ensconced in a pretzel bun. It was delicious. I’m a sucker for pretzel buns!

Some other fun facts about Vivio’s: 1) it opens at 8 a.m. on Saturdays and features a breakfast menu 2) it offers a shuttle to Lions and Tigers games and 3) there is also a Warren location.

2460 Market St.

Detroit, MI 48207


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