165. Lone Wolf Paintball – February 18, 2016 – Clinton Township, MI


I did not take my cellphone into the fray to take pictures at Lone Wolf Paintball, but here are my battle-stained clothes after several matches.

Paintball, you’re so crazy! Seriously. Last week, my visit to Lone Wolf Paintball in Clinton Township as part of a friend’s birthday extravaganza was an experience. I got shot with a paintball pellet in the mouth – the mouth! It jumped in under the gap at the bottom of my helmet, and it hurt like a bitch! Paint all over my mouth, and I was convinced I was bleeding. Nope, just a red, welted mouth-chin area that quickly dissipated, fortunately. A temporary battle scar that resulted in no real scar and no real street cred, but maybe a little paintball-field swagger.


So obviously, paintballing can get intense! Then again, I was only engaged in matches within a group of five polite, considerate friends, not in games filled with hardcore, competitive paintballers – though there were various packs of them herding off and onto the field when we were there. Lone Wolf Paintball has quite a following!

This was my first time playing, and I must say, the thrill of dodging those plastic paint-filled pellets was pretty exhilarating. And the time I got hit in the mouth was the only time I was (painstakingly) aware of myself getting hit by a splattering paintball – though as you can see, the clothes I wore there were covered in paint by the end, so I either got hit more than I realized or got paint all over me from leaning against the large inflatable barriers studded all around the field (likely possibility). Luckily, it is a cornstarch-based paint that washes out incredibly easily.

Many props to the kind and friendly guys who were working at Lone Wolf that night, who showed us the ropes and tolerated us in our newbie-ness. They made us feel at ease despite our coming in totally clueless and made the experience enjoyable.

I will probably stick to the pain-free version of paintball – laser tag!!! – in the future. But I’d definitely say it’s worth trying at least once if you’re curious. The cool thing about Lone Wolf Paintball is that in addition to the indoor field in Clinton Township, it also has outdoor fields in Mount Clemens and Metamora, which are open on the weekends during warm-weather months.

44323 Reynolds Dr.
Clinton Township, MI 48036


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