149. Saffron – October 18, 2015 – Royal Oak, MI


20151018_161840I’m on a Royal Oak kick lately. What can I say, it’s a lovely town! Even after all of these years, there are still a bunch of places there that I haven’t visited – partially due to businesses closing all of the time there lately and new ones opening up in their places (what’s the deal with that, Royal Oak?). I’m not sure how long Saffron has existed in this storefront, but when I stumbled upon it as I was strolling around one leisurely Sunday afternoon, I was immediately excited. This shop is my jam! This shop is like the best part of my brain threw up in it and the throw-up materialized into clothes! Ok, that’s sort of a gross analogy, but it feels true to me. What I’m saying is, the delightfully hippie, free-spirit clothing and accessories Saffron offers quite resonate with my heart.

308 W. 4th St.

Royal Oak, MI 48067

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