132. Batch Brewing Company – July 12, 2015 – Detroit, MI



On a lovely Sunday afternoon earlier this month, I and some friends went to check out Batch Brewing Company and an event called Stop Drop and Detroit: Boards and Beers Edition put on by Citizen’s Yoga, Brooklyn Outdoor, and j’adore Detroit, an amazing Detroit-centric WordPress blog that I follow and that made me hip to this super-fun event. It was an afternoon of delish micro-brews and silly hijinks (we played Uno Dare! – imagine that coupled with alcohol). There were various boards game strewn across the bar tables, and it was great to see the place full of people having fun and interacting with each other. And to eat homemade pretzels! You’ve gotta try the fresh homemade soft pretzels with beer-cheese fondue and beer-infused mustard – yuummmmmm.

After a few hours of drinking and gaming, we went to Green Dot Stables and gobbled a couple of sliders there. That place, like Batch, was crowded. It warmed my little heart to see Detroit full of life on a Sunday that wasn’t a game day (the Tigers were out of town that weekend). I think the ghost-town days that used to characterize so many weekends when a major event wasn’t scheduled down there are, thankfully, a thing of the past. 🙂

1400 Porter St.

Detroit, MI 48216


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