122. The Meeting House – May 31, 2015 – Rochester, MI



The Fat Elvis french toast!

What a gorgeous place The Meeting House is! I was very enamored by it. I knew my instinct to brave the never-never-never-ending weekend rain and cold would play out ok, despite my initial resistance to swimming back out into it after just driving to and from Clarkston. (Preparing to ring in June in a rain trench, tall boots, jeans, and a knit hat? Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool.) I met a group of women there for a Sunday brunch. Not all brunches are created equal, and this one was happily in the pretty-damn-great category. Of course, there were brightly-colored, cutely-named drinks involved; any brunch place can produce those, but these were a little more striking. The one I ordered contained grapefruit juice and pepper-infused Valentine’s vodka – definitely a novel combo! There was also a luxe ambiance and, most importantly, amazing food offerings – check out the peanut-butter french toast dish, The Fat Elvis, that I ordered. It was awesome!

301 S. Main St.

Rochester, MI 48307


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