105. Bastone Brewery – March 6, 2015 – Royal Oak, MI



This weekend felt like the end, didn’t it? The END of winter! Or the beginning of the end, at least. I seriously think I saw a Mustang with its convertible top down today. It was directly behind me, stopped at a red light, so I couldn’t quite tell, but it looked like the female passenger’s hair was blowing in the breeze – all balmy 39 degrees of it. Ah, heat waves in Michigan in March. I must admit, above-freezing temps feel glorious! And they’ve gotten me excited, inspiring thoughts of getting out there again, further afield and more frequently, to visit more new and awesome places here in the Metro-Detroit area.

But the weekend didn’t start so balmy. Did you go out Friday night? I did, and I froze my ass off just walking the couple of blocks from my car to Vinotecca in the bitter, high-velocity winds. It was winter, refusing to go out without a fight! But Vinotecca’s glorious happy hour was well worth it. And because I have been sucking so bad at visiting new places this last month, I convinced my friends to slide over to Bastone afterward so I could enjoy one of their craft brews. I think it’s kind of funny how Bastone, Vinotecca, Monk’s Beer Alley, and Craft are all connected like this crazy little restaurant labyrinth. But that was perfect on a night like this, because it meant I didn’t have to set foot out that door and into the elements until I absolutely had to!

Bastone has a good ambiance; it’s handsome yet cozy and unpretentious-feeling. Sounds like the recipe for a good boyfriend, too – quite possibly found drinking a craft beer at the bar rail of Bastone!

419 South Main St.

Royal Oak, MI 48067


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