50. Bad Brad’s BBQ – August 25, 2014 – New Baltimore, MI



The halfway mark has officially been hit! Monday I finally hit up Bad Brad’s, an East-Side institution that I had heard friends and coworkers rave about for years but that I had never made it around to. A friend and I visited the New Baltimore location, which has a gorgeous patio (you know my penchant for patios. We gotta savor them while the warm weather is still here!). I went all out and got the two-meat platter with pulled pork and sliced brisket, mac ‘n’ cheese, and sweet-potato mash, and I added a quarter-rack of ribs. I ate most of it there, and by the end, I was practically oozing pork fat out of my pores (at least that’s how it felt!). Everything was awesome; I especially enjoyed the mac ‘n’ cheese.

35611 Green St.
New Baltimore, MI, 48047

(Locations also in Clinton Twp. and Shelby Twp.)


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