47. Public House – August 15, 2014 – Ferndale, MI


Keef holding it down above the bar


Boozy milkshakes!

This is yet another amazing bar in Ferndale, reaffirming my major crush on this city. Public House – like Green Dot Stables in Detroit – specializes in sliders. And there aren’t just the usual suspects – there are more quirky kinds and several vegetarian options, such as a lentil burger and a hazelnut-dusted cauliflower slider, which my friend tried and enjoyed. The favorite for both of us, however, was the buttermilk-fried-chicken slider; it sounds simple, but with its pimento cheese, jalapeño, pickle, and spicy sauce, it is totally delish. 

Public House also has a great beer selection as well as some boozy milkshakes (I got the orange one, which was like a liquor-laced Creamsicle). How can you go wrong with boozy milkshakes? Plus, the music they play comes from an actual record player, which I found incredibly cool (but I am a hipster at heart, which is probably why I love Ferndale so much in the first place). And helming the bar is a painting of Keith Richards in his iconic “Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?” t-shirt. Any place that’s good enough for Keef is certainly good enough for me.

241 W. Nine Mile Rd.

Ferndale, MI 48220


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