100 Places Halfway Mark / Six Month Overview!

Yesterday I realized I was exactly at the halfway mark with this 100 Places quest (started on February 8). Forty-five places down, fifty-five to go – not too off the mark!

Some stats about the journey so far:

*Forty-five places visited in sixteen cities

*Places visited broken down by county:

-Macomb: 14

-Oakland: 24

-Wayne: 7

*Top three most frequently-visited places (in order): 1. Ferndale 2. Royal Oak 3. Clinton Township.

These stats aren’t entirely surprising. I enjoy Ferndale and Royal Oak, and my current office job in Troy is relatively close to them, so it’s been easy to frequent them. And I live in Clinton Township, where there were somehow quite a few local places that I had never tried prior to starting this challenge.

Going forward, I would like there to be much more diversity in location, and I’d like to travel farther out from where I live to give a broader representation of the Metro-Detroit area. One thing that will definitely help this are career changes I’ll be making very soon. I have gotten a new office job – and will no longer have to work two jobs/seven days a week anymore – yay!!!

The thought of having two days off a week – instead of my current about two days off a month – is blowing my mind. I will have time to do weekend day trips! I will be able to go to farther-flung locations! In general, I will have time to have a life!

Additionally, I will now be working in Dearborn, which is much closer to Detroit, and for me, a whole new area onto itself. I’m hoping working close to Detroit will mean many more trips there in the next six months. I’ve only visited four new places there in the previous six months – pretty lame, especially given the title of this blog! This has a lot to do not only with a lack of free time but, admittedly, with my fear of driving and parking around the city. It’s so crazy, with all it’s wheel-spoke one-ways and unexpected road closures and parking garages that you thought you were going to park in being randomly full. I feel like I’m pretty much always thrown for a loop when I drive down there, and I hate it! But there are a lot of cool places down there that I want to check out, so I’ll have to just plunge in and take it one destination at a time.

Here are some of my goals for the next six months:

*Total cities visited to increase from 16 to at least 35

*Increase places visited in Detroit from 4 to at least 20

*Increase diversity/geological spread of places visited: at least five places visited in Washtenaw County, and a more balanced distribution among Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties

My goals are pretty modest. If there is one thing I’ve realized since starting this project, it is that Metro-Detroit is pretty huge! And there really are a lot of cool local restaurants and stores and parks/attractions in this area. It would take years to properly explore it – which is a good thing, because it means that we all have no reason to get bored.

What I’ve also realized is that the important thing here is really the act of exploration itself. Trying new things is exciting. It’s been great to go to all of these new places – many of which I’ve known about and wanted to try for years – and to realize which ones I really like and which ones I probably won’t feel a need to visit again. I feel like I’ll have a much better knowledge of the area after completing this challenge and will be better able to recommend restaurants and bars, etc. to my family and friends.

I hope you are enjoying the summer and trying new places, too. Happy exploring!


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