43. The Oakland Art Novelty Company – August 7, 2014 – Ferndale, MI



The Patsy and Edina and the Le Antoinette, two happy hour offerings

I was so excited to finally get to The Oakland. A friend and I went for its happy hour, and it was delightful! I loved the old-fashioned richness of its interior, which is dark and candlelit and helps you to feel that you’ve been transported to an alternate reality.

It reminds me of a similar concept to The Sugar House in Detroit – meticulously created specialty cocktails served in an old-fashioned environment – though I must admit, I prefer The Oakland. Its menu doesn’t boast the voluminous selection that The Sugar House’s does, but the staff I encountered was very friendly and knowledgeable, and I’m sure they could make anything you asked for. Plus, it has a great happy hour that features delicious $5 drinks – quite a deal, considering that the average regular drink price there is double to triple that.

201 W. 9 Mile Rd.

Ferndale, MI 48220


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